Play Any Game with Multitouch

by on July 4th, 2010

play any game with multitouch - multitouch magic

Play literally any game with multitouch interface and control. Magic is a software for Multitouch advanced gaming interface and control for games. Magic is short for Multitouch Advanced Gaming Interface and Control.

iBuyPower’s Magic software makes any game playable through multitouch. iBuyPower is a company associated with hardware which has released a software with new system that will enable any game to be played via multitouch, regardless of whether the game’s creators gave it so much as a thought. Magic is designed for the iBuyPower’s own touch-enabled laptops, and it works by linking a multitouch gesture to a command the game already understands, emulating multitouch commands by mapping keystrokes or mouse clicks. It’s available now to download, and let’s hope that the hackers will have this software working on Dells, Alienwares, Lenovos and HPs soon enough.

iBuyPower Magic