Play Any Level with Any Car in Need For Speed Most Wanted

by on April 18th, 2010

I have completed nfs Most wanted all levels many times and here is a trick that you can use to play nfs Most Wanted any level with any car you want. This is very much useful if you have just started playing the game or are in the middle of the career somewhere and want a sneak peak or get a little taste about what is inside at the top levels of the game. By-the-way, I always play using Lamborghini Gallardo.

Career Completion: 100% done
Bounty: 21748668
Cash: 735250
Challenge Series: 100% done
Everything Unlocked

How to Unlock All Levels and Cars

Download the following file.
Uncompress it.
Extract folder named as Profile from it. It is basically folder containing career profile file.
Go to the following location
C:\Documents and Settings\your PC user name\My Documents\NFS Most Wanted
You can simply browse your My Documents folder and then go to NFS Most Wanted folder
Paste the whole folder named as Profile in there.
Now start the game nfs Most Wanted.
Load “Player” named profile.

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted Complete Career Profile

Download Complete nfs Most Wanted Profile (12.9 KB)

Archive is locked. password is

nfs Most Wanted PC Game Cheats

Enter the following codes without spaces at the Most Wanted title screen:

givemethegto – Releases the GTO
iammostwanted – Unlocks all cars
burgerking – Unlocks Burger King Challenge
castrol – Unlocks Castrol Ford GT

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