Personalized Startpage, Web The Way You Want It

by on September 30th, 2007

There are two notable websites which provide you control relating to the personalized start page. Now what is the personalized start page. Did you ever wonder that you might have a website available for you which contain the pages and information as you want it and you could easily drop or add any information or content using it. i.e. I like such website which should display current news, local weather, location map, my email accounts, you tube recent videos, my event calendar, live search, live messengers, live content with accessibility, Editable navigation, theme control, daily quotes, daily horoscope, dictionary etc.

Try igoogle and netvibes.

Netvibes pioneered the personalized startpage, an alternative to traditional Web portals. With millions of users in more than 150 countries, Netvibes lets individuals assemble all in one place their favorite websites, blogs, email accounts, social networks, search engines, instant messengers, photos, videos, podcasts, widgets, and everything else they enjoy on the Web. Founded in 2005 by Tariq Krim, Netvibes has offices in Paris, London and San Francisco. Netvibes is about having web the way you want it. Exactly the way you want it. Delivered to you.

Ever wish you could get your all of your favorite websites, blogs, news, weather, maps, address books, to do lists, email accounts, social networks, radio stations, search engines, instant messengers, video and photo networks – all of your favorite things in one place and share them with your friends? We did too.

  • Helps you manage your digital life and share it with your friends
  • Brings all your favorite MySpace, Digg, YouTube, Gmail, Flickr, eBay, accounts – you name it (no, really, you can rename our entire site) – together on your own personal Netvibes page
  • Share with your friends or colleague your favorite modules
  • 100% customizable – no ads, no logos, no corporate control