Personalize Google Search Background Image

by on June 7th, 2010

customize google techmynd

I love customization. Everybody loves customization and personalization for whatever in uses at regular basis. If you use Google search a lot then this Google feature would bring colors to your boring white Google Search Page and give it a personal touch. Go ahead add your favorite image at the background of Google search page.

customize google techmynd

Whether you choose a photo of a loved one, a picture of your favorite vacation destination or even a design you created yourself, is now yours to customize. For those of you who want to enjoy the clean, simple look of Google as well as your personalized view, Google made it easy to switch between your customized search page and classic Google.

Or how about this one?

google background

Big show off! Haan?

Log into Google account. Head over to the Google search main page. You will see an option at the bottom left of the page which says: “Change background image“. Click that. Upload image from PC or use already uploaded image from your Picassa Album. That’s it.

Now every time when you will open Google Search Page, you will be greeted with your favorite shinny background.

2 Reviews

  1. Love it says:

    RE: Hate
    It is entirley optional if you don`t like it opt out ! I think its great :)

  2. Hate it says:

    What is with Google? Haven’t they heard of the new Coke – Classic Coca-Cola fiasco? I used to have Google search as my home page because:

    a) Nothing moved, blinked, flashed
    b) Soothing blank white slate against which to think and do my search

    This sucks.