Inhabitants Wanted for Permanent Settlement on Mars – Apply Now

by on June 10th, 2013

mars one

Do you want to go to Mars and live there permanently? Apply now, you might be lucky one among others to get settled on Mars. But its a one way trip and first one will happen in 2023. Bas Lansdorp created a small commercial company ‘Mars One’ that has mission to colonize Mars. First group of astronauts will go there on 2023 to never return back and after that more people will continue to go. Anybody who is healthy, smart and mentally stable can apply to settle on Mars. Bas said that 6 billion US Dollars will be required for the project’s initial stage.

What is with all the unused space in our solar system before population on Earth hits critical mass. So, yes we need another planet. Man has gone to moon in 1972 and then to earth orbit. Its the next giant leap for mankind. Humans will go to Mars and live there forever, grow plants and make Mars environment suitable for life.

Have you watched the movie “Moon” and the “Prometheus”? If not, watch today.

Sounds all very adventurous but if you want to send a signal to a Mars rover, it will take 25 minutes to reach there and next 25 minutes for signal to receive on Earth from Mars rover. Do Mars has got water and air? Space craft will take five to six months to reach on Mars.

Why Not Venus or Moon? Why Mars?

Of course Venus is a bit more hot than Earth but the Mars is colder than Earth. They will have to make Mars environment a bit hot and melt the frozen ice (if present). Then why not Moon before Mars? We should learn the moon first, and then should proceed for Mars.

Moon has got plenty of water. Moon dust itself is mostly water. There are aquifers, seasonal rivers, frozen lakes in craters. Most of water flies off into space and freezes when it comes up, but its there in abundance. Why they do not try to settle on ‘Moon’ first, rather than on Mars? They might have their reasons.

Mars has subterranean rivers and aquifers that can be used. Mars has seasonal water flows and waterfalls. There should be plants and animals on Mars. If not, we will have to grow plants on Mars?

Bas Lansdorp

Bas received his Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Twente University in 2003. He worked on a PhD at Delft University of Technology for five years before abandoning it to start his first company Ampyx Power. Since February 2011, Bas is working full time on getting humanity to Mars.

Organizing a manned mission to Mars has been Bas’ dream for many years. Before starting Mars One, he was the co-founder of Ampyx Power. Despite the success of Ampyx Power, he decided to leave when someone gave him the idea that merged all the pieces of the Mars dream together: a mission to Mars can be financed by involving the whole world as an audience for the mission.

Bas said its a positive, adventurous and inspiring event that everybody will watch from home. Bas was asked that on mars people can be pregnant, there can be problems, danger… He replied that only selected, best of the best, smart, mentally stable, trained and skillful people will be able to go to Mars. They will be sacrificing (everything they leave behind on Earth) for great cause and they will be among the first ones to go to Mars.

mars one

Why One Way Trip to Mars

We are not capable of generating resources required to bring back humans from Mars to Earth. There should be a NASA division on Mars to send humans from Mars to Earth. It will take quite a lot of time for NASA to build facility on Mars. Second reason is human body itself. If you go and live on Mars for few months, your body will adopt the gravitational conditions there and also your lungs and heart will adjust according to Mars environment. It will be difficult for same human to survive on Earth again who had adopted to the Mars environmental conditions.

Mars One Videos

Watch videos for full story and mission explanation.

Getting Humans to Mars – Bas Lansdorp at TEDx

Bas Lansdorp, a born entrepreneur, utilizes an articulate vision and genuine enthusiasm coupled with infectious powers of persuasion to get his point across. These attributes are useful in his new company, Mars One, that will send humans to Mars in 2023.

Mars One Introduction

Watch, how Mars One plans to establish a human settlement on Mars in 2023.

Mars 2023 – Inhabitants Wanted

The search for life on Mars begins on Earth – apply now at official website from link at the end of post.

Colonizing Mars- 1,000 Volunteers For 1-Way Trip

The Mars One organization has revealed details of its plans to land four astronauts on the Red Planet in 2023, with four additional ‘crew’ arriving every two years and then more after that. The trip to the planned ‘colony’ would be one-way – and the astronaut volunteers will live and die on Mars.

Human Mars Colony – Interview with Bas

Life on Mars, the Future of Colonization

Bas Lansdorp, Founder of Mars One, tells HuffPost about the type of people that will be sent to live on Mars, what they might expect in order to make the cut, and what life on Mars will be like.

Bas Lansdorp on Colonizing Mars

Colonisation of Mars and Space Travel with Bas Lansdorp

Bas Lansdorp – Proposal for a One Way Mission to Mars

Mars One has drawn interest from major global aerospace companies who want to supply the mission with their hardware components.

Bas Lansdorp Mars One Project

Bas Lansdorp talks about his ambitious Mars One project.

It is possible. Watch videos below about how to colonize Mars.

Stephen Hawking – Colonizing Mars

Humans may one day transform the Martian environment and establish colonies.

Colonizing Mars

Mars One invites you to join them in this next giant leap for mankind. Follow progress of Mars One project by going to following links:

Mars One Official Website
Mars One YouTube Channel
Mars One FaceBook Official Page
Mars One on Twitter

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  1. Bill says:

    Un momento emocionante en la historia de la humanidad. El hombre va a Marte.

  2. Charlie says:

    There will be loneliness, silence, different gravity. Mars food will be different. Mars technology will be different. Everything will be different there as compared to Earth. Earth is more suitable for live than any other planet in the universe. People who will stay on Mars for long time, will not be able to survive on Earth if they come back.

  3. Rose says:

    If they have visited Moon once, Why they did not go to Moon again? Hey! and how people from Moon came back? If they can come back from Moon, they can come back to Earth from Mars.

  4. Peco says:

    Everything that we watch in Hollywood movies is going to real life one day. Flying cars, automatically driven cars, robots, life on other planets. Everything will come true. We will have our relatives on other planets. We will visit other planets for vacations. Media will be changed. Communication will be changed. We have internet, computer, smart phones and Facetime now. We will have more exciting stuff in future. Its coming live.

  5. IraMore says:

    Why not Moon? Why they want to get settled on Mars. Moon is more suitable for life. Mars is colder and they will have to start from scratch on Mars. Exciting though.

  6. Maria says:

    I though if was a joke but after watching videos here, it looks legit. wow! finally we are going in space.

  7. Ben says:

    If Bas succeeds, ten generations of his family won’t have to do anything for the rest of their lives. He will be crazy rich. He must be crazy to come up with such an idea and spent all his savings in it.

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