Perfect Woman Robot

by on June 11th, 2008

She is faithful. She is intelligent. She understands you. She is yours. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead. The Perfect Woman.

The woman of your dreams can soon be yours – you won’t even think of other women any more! I do not say it. My opinion can be different guys. But AI ROBOTICS surely claims this and now you can order online and buy your own woman of dream. I wonder how much far Artificial Intelligence would go. Sounds like MATRIX. Anyways see it for yourself. In my opinion, the details about this are really really weird. Watch some videos to believe it.

Well if you want to buy this robot woman. Here is the link.

The company AI ROBOTICS was founded 2 years ago by Etienne Fresse and Yoichi Yamato. During the last 3 years the two founders have dedicated all their time and energy to their project “robot woman LISA” which thanks to the support of numerous foreign investors will be presented to the public on June 13 2008. The company’s philosophy is to enhance the conditions of human life and to give as many people as possible access to new technologies. The company AI ROBOTICS is based in Kobe, Japan.

They created a technology called RKS, “Recognition Krax System”, which allows for vocal, tactile and visual recognition. Lisa is able to recognize objects and persons and she can even differentiate between roses and tulips for example.

For Yoichi Yamato, everything started with a book called Love + Sex with Robots: the Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships by David Levy. He had always thought that one day technology would allow us to create a robot that would be able to perfectly imitate human behaviour.

Lisa can cook you a meal based on what is in the fridge (visual recognition). She can go shopping, do household work or give you a hydraulic massage, but she can also play chess and video games (over 390 are available) and even learn to do certain sports.

Lisa is designed to be a true companion. She is there to serve you. She dresses herself and recharges herself automatically. You can talk to her about news, travelling, culture and music. Lisa has an IQ of 130.

Lisa is a substitute for a real woman. She has been designed for all men, who would like to have company when they get home in the evening and who would like to have someone who cares for them.

Download Official Commercial Of Robot Woman Lisa