Perfect your Photos on Smart Phones – Facetune and Alternative Free Apps

by on January 8th, 2014


Uplift and enhance your photo right on your smart phone before you post it over any social network or your dating profile. Facetune can beautify your ordinary photo taken by using your phone camera. Whether you shoot with your iPhone or iPad, or import photos from your phone or professional camera, Facetune lets you achieve results comparable only to what professionals can do with Photoshop.

Photoshop is used to make people look their best. But not everybody can use Adobe Photoshop. Here is the solution to enhance your photos on the go and look your best.


Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones.

  • Emphasize your smile
  • Widen or refine your smile
  • Remove temporary imperfections like pimples, from skin
  • Emphasize your eyes for a penetrating gaze
  • Change eye color
  • Remove red and white eye effect
  • Heighten cheek bones and brows
  • Reshape your nose
  • Make your skin smooth and glowing look
  • Eliminating wrinkles and small blemishes from skin
  • Remove yellowish tone of your teeth and make your teeth bright and shining look
  • Change and enhance photo details
  • Modify your facial expressions and structure
  • Reshape face distorted by camera angle in photo
  • Remove dark circles and bags beneath eyes that age your appearance
  • Make your look fresh and bright
  • Remove unwanted objects from photo
  • Remove bald spots and fix thinning or grey hair area
  • Focus yourself in photo and defocus the rest
  • Apply unique beautiful effects to your photo


Get Facetune

Facetune is not free and can be purchased from here.

Free Alternatives

While Facetune is not free, allow us to suggest you similar free apps for iOS and Android to edit photos on smart phones.

Free Alternatives on iOS Devices

Pixtr, Perfect365 (makeover, photo enhancement), ModiFace, PicBeauty, Visage Lab, BeFunky, Lab, FX Photo Studio

Free Alternatives on Android Devices

Beauty Camera, Perfect365, Visage Lab, PicBeauty