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by on June 7th, 2010

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Album Art, Notifications,, Lyrics all at single place in MAC.


Album Art

Display cover of the song during playback directly on your desktop, by choosing 4 topics offer (normal CD case, wallet vinyl, 3D perspective .. with 3 sizes for each). The information that appears on the cover are customizable (song name, artist, rating …). Finally, you can view playback controls iTunes simply by flying over the pouch.


When a new song starts in iTunes, be warned by a magnificent notification which arises from the icon placed in TunesArt menu. From a glance, you know the song name, artist, album, duration, classification and even the cover of the song. If you prefer, you can instead display a Growl notification !


Rather than opening up iTunes to launch a new piece, use the quick search of TunesArt: type the keyword, for example part of the name of the song or artist name, and Results will be displayed instantly ! In addition, everything is manipulated keyboard.


It is always frustrating to have your hands off the keyboard to perform actions as simple as controlling the volume, skip forward, change the classification of a piece. TunesArt will save you time by allowing you to control many functions directly from the keyboard. And of course, the shortcuts are Customizable.


You love to sing the songs you listen? So Tunesart is for you! It will display a window containing the words the song currently playing, and if it does not, you will be able to download it from LyricWiki and even save them once and for all in the song! All this may of course be automated.

You dream of having your own radio? Well, allows you through the function scrobbling integrated TunesArt. You can then publish the names of songs played in iTunes, right on your profile There are two modes available: normal mode and the mode ‘Now Playing’ which does not affect your musical profile since only displays the current track.

Automatic covers download

When a song has no album art, TunesArt tries to download a

Classification of a song on the fly

Write a note to the song from the office


Ask Growl to display notifications to the place TunesArt

Quick access to your playlists

All your playlists are available in a sub-menu TunesArt

Event Notifications

Get visual feedback for certain events (volume, play, ranking)

Automatic Updates

TunesArt checks and installs updates automatically

Launch Startup

TunesArt can be launched automatically at startup of your Mac

OS: Mac OS X version 10.5 or higher

Download TunesArt

Download TunesArt


One Review

  1. Erek says:

    …what about TuneUp Media (TuneUp Companion) for iTunes for Windows? It’s a difficult application to have that’s compatible.

    Depending on the version of iTunes one has, especially if it’s x64, it affects the TuneUp Media version. 1.1.9 hardly reaches past iTunes 8+.

    Since, obviously, iTunes is now at 10+, I’m having a hard time getting it to work with iTunes. However, the short short time TuneUp allows for a trial doesn’t allow testers to tinker around.

    Can you figure out a way, maybe, to get them to do a giveaway?

    I know a lot of people would love that and see requests for it EVERYWHERE!

    BTW your site is the best, I’ve gotten some GREAT stuff from here, and especially love the ROM’s… got to re-live the SNES part of my life. Magic Sword, KLOV Crime Fighters, and other wonderful things. Keep up the good work.