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by on May 3rd, 2013

PC Tools offers real-time and free antivirus protection and free tools to combat a variety of viruses. PC Tools free antivirus (updated) provides impressive protection against viruses, worms and Trojans with rapid updates and IntelliGuard real-time virus scan and removal technology. It also protects against cyber threats attempting to gain access to your PC. It protects your online identity and privacy. Don’t risk going online without protection. Search Defender, built on Browser Defender technology, warns you about unsafe or phishing websites. PC Tools free antivirus provides antivirus and antispyware protection, File Guard to provide real-time protection and Email Guard to protect your computer from viruses and spyware being sent over email.

Risks of Infected PC:

In an infected PC, viruses may attempt to spread to your friends and family by accessing your email contacts and other PCs within your network. A computer virus may also create a backdoor that allows hackers to access files on your PC, launch attacks against other computers or websites, or send SPAM email.

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PC Tools Free AntiVirus Features

IntelliGuard protection against computer viruses, spywares and malwares

PC Tools antiVirus detects and removes viruses and related threats that attempt to enter computer by means of file transfer through storage media, e-mail, the Internet and other network protocols. Protection is provided by means of on-demand system scanning or real-time (IntelliGuard) detection of threats.

Smart Updates to keep virus definitions up to date

Smart Updates are released frequently, allowing you to protect your system against the latest virus, as well as improvements to PC Tools AntiVirus’ functionality. By running Smart Update regularly, you can help keep your system free of new infections.

Customizable Scan Settings

Scan settings are easily configurable and apply both to the on-demand scans and IntelliGuard scans (detection in real-time through the IntelliGuard tool). These scan options allow you to customize a range of generic and global settings which affect the overall behavior of PC Tools AntiVirus.

Quarantine and restore deleted items

PC Tools AntiVirus allows you either to remove detected viruses from your system or to quarantine them into a contained area. The majority of infections that have been quarantined can be restored at a later time. You can customize PC Tools AntiVirus either to remove or to quarantine malware items fixed in a scan.

File Scans Logs

All File Scans conducted by PC Tools AntiVirus can be logged, providing a record of when each scan was conducted; the infections that were identified; and when infections were disinfected, quarantined or removed.

Enhanced infection removal for limited user accounts

PC Tools AntiVirus’ service-based architecture allows user accounts with limited permissions to scan all areas of the operating system to ensure thorough removal of viruses and other related threats.






Requirements: Minimum 256MB RAM, 40MB Hard disk space, Intel Pentium 300 MHz or better processor.
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Download PC Tools Free Antivirus

Download PC Tools Free Antivirus