Password Protect Any File, Application Or Software

by on December 8th, 2009


You can lock any program, file or application in windows so that it requires a password whenever it is opened. For example you might want to restrict access to Microsoft Outlook so that only you can execute the application. You can also allow different users to execute certain applications with it.

DeskLock is a small program which will password protect your applications i.e, exe files. When you install it, it will reside in the status bar as a lock icon. The default password for running this handy utility is 2.

How to Password Protect Any Application
  • Right click at taskbar lock icon.
  • Click setytings.
  • Click applications to open the program.
  • It will ask password.
  • Give it password which is 2.
  • Add programs, click options by selecting any program and enable password.
  • The password will be the same as of DeskLock.
Download DeskLock

Download DeskLock