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by on December 13th, 2012


Latest Partition Magic Pro Software is an ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management tool for all versions of Windows. Hot resize hard disk partition without reboot, extend hard disk partition to solve low disk space problem and manage disk space easily and safely. The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with enhanced data protection including: Partition Manager, Disk and Partition Copy, Extend Partition Wizard, Migrate OS to SSD or HDD, Partition Recovery Wizard and Make Bootable CD Wizard. This is one of the software we are proud to giveaway. Comment this post and enter in this giveaway contest (read full instructions in the end). Ten lucky winners will be announced after 31 December 2012.

Here are its features and benefits in details with screenshots.

Key Features

  • Resize/Move existing partition to avoid data loss.
  • Extend NTFS system partition without reboot.
  • Shrink partition to free up unallocated space.
  • Merge partitions or merge unallocated space.
  • Split large partition for different usages.
  • Copy partition to transfer OS or backup data.
  • Copy disk to upgrade or replace hard drive without reinstalling Windows.


  • All-In-One Partition Management Solution
  • Intuitive interface and step by step wizards guide you to get the most out of your system
  • Extend NTFS System Partition without Reboot
  • Non-destructive Partitioning – No Data Loss
  • Once you purchase, you are licensed to use it for a lifetime
  • Virtual Mode of Execution
  • Preview, undo, redo and discard any operation before apply to the disk
  • Used by Microsoft, Dell, IBM, McAfee, Canon, Oracle and EPSON

Partition Manager

  • Resize/Move partition without losing data to optimize computer performance.
  • Align partition properly to optimize system performance.
  • Extend NTFS system partition without restarting to solve low disk space on C drive.
  • Shrink volume to decrease partition size for further usage.
  • Merge partitions or merge unallocated space to solve low disk space warning.
  • Split large partition to create more partitions.
  • Create multiple partitions, delete a single partition, or directly delete all partitions.
  • Format partition with FAT32 or NTFS file system.
  • Wipe disk, wipe partition and wipe unallocated space to permanently erase sensitive data.
  • Set an active partition – specify one partition to be the boot partition.
  • Convert MBR to GPT and vice versa.
  • Rebuild MBR to fix system missing issue.
  • Convert FAT partition to NTFS file system.
  • Hide/Unhide partition, label partition and change drive letter.
  • Disk surface test to check and find bad sectors.

Extend Partition Wizard

  • Extend system partition: extend C drive by taking unused space from other partitions.
  • Extend data partition: redistribute free space without reinstalling Operating System or formatting.
  • Two extend modes: both automatic mode and self-selection mode are available.

Disk & Partition Copy

  • Partition copy: transfer operating system to new place and make a data backup 100% identity to original.
  • Disk copy: upgrade or replace hard drive without reinstalling Windows and applications.
  • Copy with resize: resize/move partition during copy process in order to fit target space.
  • Two copy methods: both file-by-file copy and sector-by-sector clone are available.

Migrate OS to SSD or HDD

  • Migrate OS to SSD: Migrate OS to SSD without data loss and make it bootable from SSD to boost system performance.
  • Migrate OS to HDD: Migrate OS to another hard drive to update boot disk.

Partition Recovery Wizard

  • Recover data: Recover the deleted or lost partition to prevent data from accidental hardware or software failure.
  • Supported file systems of partition: FAT, NTFS, EXT2 & EXT3.
  • Two recovery modes: fast search mode and full search mode.

Make Bootable CD Wizard

Make bootable CD: Create a bootable CD to run this software in Windows PE without any influence with the system.

Here are more screenshots of Partition Magic Pro.












Download Partition Magic Pro

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  1. bodo2000 says:

    I’m glad to be one of the lucky winner!

    Thanks a lot & happy new year

  2. Brian says:

    I have used Partition Magic before and it is very usefull. Saved my system more than once. It is better to have the software BEFORE you have an emergency that requires it. It helps your stress level also.
    I am in charge of 80+ desktops and 10+ servers and this would be a GREAT tool to have in my toolbox. Great sofware!

  3. Dark says:

    Very good soft. Thanks for a contest.

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    This soft is very good so I need it.

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    This is the best and most easy to use partioning software that i have used1

  8. Venkatesh says:

    Periodic backup of data is what is practised for HD mgmt. However, this becomes useless when the backup disk itself crashes which may due to power fluctuations, infection due to malware, …, to name a few. This where I would need this wonderful software.

  9. ha14 says:

    Aomei Partition Software is handy software easy to use and reliable plus it has security feature like making a backup from the application, through the “Copy Partition” option, thus reverting back will be easier. One thing should be changed is that wiping a drive turns not to turn into unallocated space.

    I used gparted, easeus but a prof software should be better with more option and live cd support.

  10. bodo2000 says:

    Great partioning tool. I would like to win a license.


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    Again a master giveaway. Please count me in.

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    Many many thanks for this exciting Giveaway ! Nice partition manager and disk management tool ! Really its very tough to recover lost data once you delete any unknowingly ! I have never used any tool as most of hard disk management tool are not freeware ! Please count me in the draw ! Please give me a Genuine License key of this software tool ! Really nice review ! Regards :)

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    very nice software