Orkut Funny Tips and Tricks

by on August 19th, 2009

Social media stumble thing is more fun if it is done being a bit creative. You can play with Orkut in a number of ways and amaze your circle. They will start calling you geek who has a style.

Post an Invisible (Empty) Scrap

Click in the text area where you write scrap.
Hold down “alt” key and press “0173” from your keyboard Num Pad.
Now release “alt” and hit post scrap button.
It will post an empty scrap.


Use the following code:

[i], [u], [b], [i][u], [i][b], [u][i], [u][b], [u][i][b], [i][u][b], [i][u][b][i]

It will be hard to guess for receiver what is there in the message.

Add Rainbow Effects to Your Scraps

You can write colorful scraps by giving words different colors. If you are not good with tweaking code then just proceed to this online tool and write there what you want to send as scrap and hit ‘Aplicar Rainbow Effect’.

You can do it yourself also. If you want to colorize the text ‘Colorful Message’, Following pattern would be used.

[gold]C[/gold][lime]o[/lime][silver]l[/silver][blue]o[/blue][red]r[/red][olive]f[/olive][lime]u[/lime][lime]l[/lime] [orange]M[/orange][violet]e[/violet][purple]s[/purple][pink]s[/pink][pink]a[/pink][lime]g[/lime][green]e[/green]

[lime]o[/lime] would give lime color to ‘o’ which is in the tags.

Colorize Message and Insert Smilies in Scrap Message

This tool here is a text editor and will give you an option to write your scrap text and insert smilies by selecting any of those. You can select the text and click at the colors to colorize it. Next thing you wanna do is to copy that code and paste it as a scrap and hit post scrap button.


Create Heart With Any Text for Scrap Post

Social geeks love posting shapes and symbols made by combination of weird letters. Here is a tool which will help you create a big heart out of any text suggested by you. You can select that heart and post it in scrap.


Scrap In Hindi Language

This tool will help you convert language as you type, in Hindi language. Just type there, copy the Hindi written text and paste in scrap editor area.


Scrap In Urdu Language

This tool is an Urdu editor and will type Urdu for you. You can copy Urdu written text from there and paste it in scraps.


Hide Your Visits on Other’s profiles
  • Go to ‘Setting’
  • Click on ‘privacy’ tab and select ‘hide profile visit’
How to Find a Person Email ID on Orkut
  • Ignore the person in orkut you want to know the Email id.
  • Open your Gtalk with same account as for Orkut.
  • Go to Settings -> Blocked in gtalk
  • You will see the email id of that person.
How to Write Anonymous Scraps to Anyone at Orkut
  • Create a fake account at orkut
  • Write the scraps to the person you want.
  • Delete the account and your scraps will become anonymous at orkut.
How to bypass the Verification Image While Posting a URL in Scrap
  • Change http to HtTp and www to wWw.
  • Now post the scrap
  • No Verification now needed.
How to Make Your Name Blank/Invisible in Orkut
  • Click on ‘edit profile’
  • Hold down “alt” key and press “0173” from your keyboard Num Pad.
  • Now release “alt”
  • Update profile
Add thousands of Apps for Orkut

You can now add many apps right away made by orkut fans. Orkut Apps Directory