Opera 11.10 Browser Download

by on March 19th, 2011

Opera browser 11.10 beta is available to download and for preview with lightweight design, many new features and even greater speed. This beta is a test version of new features in next release. It includes known bugs and may be unstable in certain browsing conditions. So it is strongly recommended that you back up your current Opera installation before installing this version.

A powerful new Speed Dial that fits your style

Opera’s Speed Dial has been enhanced; your favorite pages now have clearer previews, and dials can even dynamically show live content for websites. There is now no limit to how many dials you can use, and it is simple to adjust the Speed Dial view to best fit your setup. Click the plus button to add a new website and type the address, or choose from a list of suggestions. Edit the name if you want to make it all yours. Web developers can now also optimize the Speed Dial thumbnails, so you can see what is happening on your favorite sites in a glance.

Plug-ins that simply plug and play

They have made it easier to install and use plug-ins. With this release, the most popular plug-in, Adobe Flash Player, installs seamlessly and automatically.

Web Standards Enhancements

This version of the Opera browser now supports CSS3 linear gradients and multiple columns. The Opera browser shows webpages using the latest and greatest standards in their full glory.

Intuitive Design

Opera’s graphics and interface are enhanced to offer a sleek, modern look so that its features are easy to discover and use. The new design gives it the feel of a finely tuned browsing machine.

Download Opera 11.10

Download Opera 11.10
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