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by on November 24th, 2007

Basecamp is an online project management and collaboration system that does away with the need of sending e-mails here and there or making those urgent, last-minute phone calls. It works both for internal and external projects and allows sharing of information such as project details, dates, and contacts. Basecamp allows customized colors and logo setup to ensure the project has a personal taste while the Dashboard shows all the clients and projects on one screen (you can work on multiple project simultaneously). This utility also provides a To-do section that allows users to make lists and assign responsibilities.

While the free plan does not allow any storage, up to 50GB can be bought from the manufacturers to store files online. The Message Board acts as the hub of communication by allowing common messages to be posted rather than being hurled around on paper on email. Basecamp will surely ease those project management pains with its useful built-in functions.




4 Reviews

  1. Hiroshi says:

    Thanks for review, Jaylen Davis. Wrike is definitely a good choice too.

  2. Jaylen Davis says:

    Yeah, the color part is great in Basecamp. The thing I don’t like is that if you try to manage 15 projects you get 15 project IDs! Then, all’s well until you get a client, who has his own Basecamp account. That’s where the nightmare begins. I seriously tried it with Basecamp, but I had to switch to Wrike The collaboration process is just organized smarter. At least my team thinks so.