Download Office 2010 Trial Extender

by on June 17th, 2010

extend Microsoft office 2010 trial period

In case you are average user of Microsoft Office 2010 and need more time to get to know Microsoft Office 2010 then this free software can help. Microsoft Office 2010 needs to be activated after 30 days. It can be rearmed 5 times, every rearm gives you additionally 30 days to activate. If you always rearm it on the last day before it has to be activated that makes a total evaluation time of 6 * 30 = 180 days. That means that you can use Microsoft Office 2010 Trial software for 180 days with no problems.

Microsoft Office 2010 has a rearm function built-in to extend your trial period an extra 30 days. Although the rearm feature was made for corporate users, it cannot be illegal to use it since it’s an official feature. You can use this tool to rearm Office 2010 5 times. Just re-apply once the 30 days are over.

All you need to do is launch Microsoft Office 2010 Trial Extender the day before your trial expires (if you want to get as many days as possible out of it) and hit the “rearm” button. You can do this a total of 5 times, giving you up to 180 days of completely free, full-featured Microsoft Office 2010.

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Trial Extender

Download Microsoft Office 2010 Trial Extender

Note: This tool only works with RTM (14.0.4760.1000) versions of Microsoft Office 2010!