Next Generation Messenger – Use Your Emotions, Not Emoticons

by on March 12th, 2008


Lately I have tried all popular messenger services i.e. MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, Eyeball Chat, ICQ, Pal Talk, Skype, Rediff and others. You know what if you ask me; these are all quite fun but lack something. Not a single one of these qualifies up to the level, we can call a complete messenger, more then just fun. Here I came across another messenger service which is going to change the way you communicate. Its ooVoo Messenger.

First there was email. Then there was IM. Then the Internet phone. Although each of these technologies promised faster, better communication, the team at ooVoo has never been satisfied. The way they see it, online communication has always lacked human expression. Typing to someone online is not the same as watching a heartfelt smile.

I have experienced ooVoo and I suggest that you try it too and find it for yourself that how much good this messenger is from the rest of chatter boxes.

Best Features
  1. Video Conversation with more then two buddies same time.
  2. Record video messages and send to your buddy.
  3. Record FLV video and post it anywhere; lets say at blog or youtube.
  4. Give Recorded Vido special effects.
  5. Phone or landline free calls.


Other Features
  • Online Status, ooVoo card, Voice, Video, Buddy list and detailed histories of every activity you do; like other messengers.
  • You can import contact lists from MSN, Yahoo, Gmail, Aol, Office Outlook and find friends and invite them to ooVoo.
  • Free Phone Calls, PC to mobile or land line calls.
  • Face to face video conference. More then two buddies can join the same video and audio conversation.
  • You can adjust video and image quality.
  • You can take snaps of buddies while talking.
  • Record video and voice while talking.
  • Send recorded video or audio messages into friend’s email address.
  • Send video messages to your friends via ooVoo video recorder.
  • Apply video effects at video.
  • Video, audio speed and quality is way too good from rest of messengers.
  • Send and recieve files.
  • Messenger sidebar view at desktop.
  • ooVoo me link for MySpaces and blogs.
  • FLV, AVI video formats are supportd with other regular formats.
  • Generate FLV file and save it in your computer.
  • Its free.

Download OoVoO Messenger