New Smartphone Add-Ons with Unlimited Innovation Ideas and Uses

by on January 15th, 2014

One of the new developments at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show was the sheer amount of new smartphone add-ons. A lot of these add-ons are already available to buy or gaining publicity before the product is released. The market for these gadgets and add-ons is huge, and so it the potential. As statistics, sales and market research show, smartphones are consistently on the rise. Eric Schmidt, the Google chairman, even stated that in the previous years mobile was winning, now it has won. Schmidt also boldly declared that eventually, everyone is going to have a smartphone.

While mobile phones and tablets have pushed the boundaries of innovation and possibilities since their start, combining telephones, music players, cameras, watches and internet browsing, the consumer market of add-ons has mostly been limited to tacky multi-coloured protection cases.
However some of the recent technologies on show at the 2014 CES, are showing the potential of future add-on products in markets such as self-defence, thermal imagery and health data.

The company Yellow Jacket have designed a case for your phone that doubles as a stun gun. The owner can unleash 650,000 volts when necessary. The voltage from the case will not incapacitate a potential attacker, but provide the person under attack with a self-defence measure. The case also provides the usual protection and can charge the battery once too.

Another case called Flir One brings military level thermal imagery straight to your smartphone screen. The case has a visual and thermal camera attached to it and can function in tandem with the smartphone camera or alone.

Another add-on gadget that impressed at the CES was the Scanadu Scout, a product that measures heart rate, skin and core body temperatures, respiratory rate and blood oxygen levels through a hand-held device.

The user holds the device to their temple and the device relays all important information to your smartphone. An extra benefit of this is that this data adds to the other personal data that most people are already storing on their phones, such as emails and photos.

There have also been considerable improvements to the ‘clip on lens’ for smartphones which will help any phone photographer improve their pictures.

Of course the biggest issue and questions that surround such gadgets and add-ons is: “How much battery power will it drain?” and “Will I be using this on a day to day basis?”.

But with the mobile market continuously expanding and new technologies and possibilities being designed, developed and implemented the sky is the limit for new add-ons and gadgets.