New iPhone 5 Features, Enhancements and Rumors

by on May 13th, 2012

iphone 5

New iPhone 5 will bring exciting features and enhancements. There have been a lot of iPhone 5 rumors around the web. We have been searching for reports and here is some interesting details that you might want to know about iPhone 5.

  • Screen will be larger 4 inches (measured diagonally) or probably 4.5 inches
  • Aspect ratio of screen will be 16 x 9 as that of HDTV
  • Redesigned body
  • Will run on 4G data networks such as LTE
  • Quad core A6 chip
  • 10 MP camera
  • Embedded SIM card
  • iPhone 5 will be taller – 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm (10mm or 1/3 inch taller that the iPhone 4S)
  • Thinner than the iPhone 4s by 2mm (20% thinner)
  • Flat back with part metal
  • Liquid metal will be used in iPhone 5
  • Gorilla Glass 2″ front (stronger and thinner)
  • New dock connector, fewer pins, smaller size
  • iPhone 5 is coming in October 2012

What do you think? What new feature or enhancement would you like to see in iPhone 5?

One Review

  1. ed riley says:

    Liquidmetal about time now the phone won’t crack how cool is that? And only apple has the rights to liquidmetal.