Possible Upcoming HTC One with Dual Camera and Flash in Gold Finish – Leaked Photo

by on February 19th, 2014

A leaked photo of the successor to the HTC One, shows a smart phone that will have a dual rear camera and will be available in gold finish. A leaked photograph, published by @evleaks, looks very much alike to a picture of an upcoming HTC One smart phone. The new picture does not reveal the name of device but @evleaks calls it the “All New HTC One, 2014,” maybe its the new HTC One 2014 model.

htc one 2014

We do not know much about the specifications of the phone, but it sure focuses on photography capabilities due to it dual camera and dual flash setup on the back side. Exact details will probably come out at the end of March 2014 according to the date on the front screen of this smart phone. If we look at the previous leaked record of the @evleaks, it looks like the new HTC One.