New Gmail Inbox for iPad

by on June 29th, 2010

gmail for ipad

With advanced internet devices, web based services tend to adjust themselves to fit the end-user needs. Due to tough competition, today’s technology demands flexible solutions to meet users requirements so that users feel more comfortable, does not matter where and at what device they access web based services. Gmail also enhanced their services recently for iPad.

Gmail compose message windows got updated for revolutionary internet device iPad. If you just used the web-based version of Gmail on the iPad, you may have noticed that you started to have a big, full screen compose window for writing messages. Instead of splitting the screen between your inbox and the compose view, Gmail updated the interface to hide the inbox messages on the side and make more of the text you’re working on visible at once in the center of the screen.

This makes it easier to compose email because what you are typing or editing becomes more visible and you do not have to zoom in or out things, allowing you to do more stuff and get things done then just adjusting the device for better readability needs.

2 Reviews

  1. Hiroshi says:

    @Ariel: Why not? You have to install the audio, video chat plugin and integrate in browser (Mozilla).
    Restart the browser and sign in to chat in gmail and start chatting with online buddy.

  2. Ariel says:

    I have an iPad, and I can not figure out how to group chat with my friends. How?