New AntiSpam Plugin

by on June 25th, 2008

antispam-pluginTypePad AntiSpam

Fight Against Comment Spam. For bloggers the best, smartest, free antispam new service is available now. TypePad AntiSpam is free for any type of use, personal and commercial, regardless of how many comments you receive. Whenever you report unwanted comments, the TypePad AntiSpam engine learns from you, so that it can make even smarter and more effective decisions about spam in the future. TypePad AntiSpam beta ensures that you see the legitimate comments you want and not the invasive comments you don’t. Its Open Source and 100% Akismet API compatible too.

Without any spam filter or some spam guard on you can not concentrate on your peaceful blogging. You receive hundreds of comments which is irritable and time consuming to check and delete. I myself used a couple of spam filters but I was not convinced with the performance of any which I wanted. So I devised my own methods (I will talk about those in coming posts) and still I am not using any Antispam plugin and I am safe yet due to a little care and a trick of my own.