Need For Speed Underground 1 Complete Cheat Codes List

by on April 26th, 2009


Need For Speed Underground 1 is still my favorite game. It takes a lot of time to win all the races and levels. Quite enjoyable and thrilling game. Lots of places to stuck with failure in winning races, specially drags. Here are few hints to win races and cheat codes to unlock levels, tracks and different cars.

How to enter cheating code

Select the “Statistics” option at the main menu, then press [Delete] or [Backspace] to return to the main menu. Then, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

350Z 350350z
Tiburon 667tiburon
Peugeot 77peugeot
Eclipse 899eclipse
Focus 119focus
Impreza 371impreza
Lancer 222lancer
RX7 777rx7
Miata 221miata
Golf 334mygolf
Sentra 922sentra
Neon 893neon
Skyline 111skyline
S2000 2000s2000
Civic 889civic
Supra 228supra
240SX 240240sx
Integra 342integra
Nismo givemenismo
Celica 239celica
RSX 973rsx777
Petey Pablo gimmeppablo
Lost Prophets needmylostprophets
Rob Zombie gotcharobzombie
Mystikal havyamystikal
Circuits gimmesomecircuits
Drag circuits gimmesomedrag
Sprint circuits gimmesomesprints
Maximum money gimmeallyourmoney
Drift physics in all mods slidingwithstyle
Level 1 performance upgrades allmylvloneparts
Level 2 performance upgrades allmylvl2parts
Level 3 performance upgrades givemesomegoodparts
Level 1 visual upgrades seemylvl1parts
Level 2 visual upgrades; no vinyls seemylvl2parts
Level 3 visual upgrades givemesomevisualstyle
All Drift tracks driftdriftbaby
How to Win Drag Races Easily

Drag races are very hard to win as compared to other races. Here are some hints to win drag race easily.

  • While drag racing, once you get into fourth gear use your nitrous. Your meter will shoot up into the red zone. Then, switch gears and get a perfect shift. You will get more speed when you do this. You can do this as long as you have nitrous.
  • Keep tapping [Nitrous] at the start of the race and make sure you are a little ahead of every car.
  • When you are about to start the drag race, hold [Accelerate] and you should see the speedometer go all the way up. You should be in first place.
  • Install nitros (level 3 recommended). In a drag race, go behind a car in the same lane. Go up to it. When you are about 2, hit the car’s bumper. Then, hit the nitros and keep holding them. If done correctly, you will eventually flip the car in front of you out of your way.
  • When in a Drag competition, if you are in first place and the cars behind you are going faster, block by simply going in front of them. They will slam you hard, giving you a little more speed.
How to Escape Train in Drag Race

There are couple of drag races which are really really hard to win due to a train passing right before the end of race. As you reach near the end of race, suddenly a train will appear slamming your car hard and stopping you right there. Train aims for your car and other cars will escape from the left corner side of tunnel right infront of the train in most cases. The trick is to remain ahead of all the cars and when the end comes near, so the train appears, do not try to escape train by passing infront of it, you will never be succeeded. Train will hit you in any way. Look at the right side. There is a slope. Take right side when end approaches and train appears. Ride all the way up at slope and let go. The car will jump right above the train and cross it easily. Actually behind train’s engine there is a gap. Your car will jump through the gap of missing boogies. Hope it helps.

Win High Level Races Easily

If you are having trouble getting past any race with a car upgraded with every engine upgrade, downgrade everything except for weight reduction and suspension to level one.

If you are stuck on underground mode races 80 to 90 (most tough tracks and races), trade in your car for the Mazda Mx5. Use all L3 performance upgrades except for the last three. This version of the Mazda has excellent acceleration, a good top speed, and brilliant handling. You can customize it in any way desired. Skyline is also a good choice for top speed.

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  1. Chunilal Banerjee says:

    The level three performance and visual upgrade cheat codes are not working in my NFSU game. Pls tell me that what would actually work?

  2. slawek matysek says:

    its thrillling but not fast enough