Need for Speed The Run Guide and Go Launcher EX Theme for Android

by on January 26th, 2014

Download video guide for NFS the Run gameplay and a unique go launcher EX theme about NFS the Run for Android. Need for Speed The Run is a racing video game, the eighteenth title in the Need for Speed franchise. Its developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. Here are some related goodies for NFS-TR fans on Android devices.

NFS The Run Guide

This is a Video guide (containing YouTube hosted gameplay videos) on Need for Speed The Run game. As usual, EA came up with the intense graphics in Need For Speed The Run. NFS-TR has got plenty of gameplay but some users complain that the graphics are way too intense so they notice occasional flaking out of the game, especially if you go out of boundaries or during cut scenes. Car handling too can be troublesome.

Few other say that the NFS-TR is relatively limited in achievement milestones and can be accomplished in a short period of time by anybody. No expert skills needed to finish this one. But that is the difference here because NFS-TR is said to not be made for finishing but to enjoy the ride and driving experience in gameplay.

NFS-TR offers a wide selection of hot cars to choose from. The course is perhaps the biggest plus point for Need For Speed ‘The Run’ which takes you accurately from the West Coast all the way to the Big Apple. The course is divided into ten different sections, each with different events for earning trophies and moving to the next level. Many of the events are simply a race between your car and other drivers.

The developer, being a huge fan of NFS created this app to bring all the help about the gameplay (from around the web) at a single place. The guide contains videos guides about the NFS-TR game play.

Download the Guide

NFS The Run Go Launcher EX Theme

This is I believe more exciting than the above guide. You can change your Android appearance by using this cool Go launcher EX theme that is based in Need for Speed The Run game. Just download the theme and apply. To apply the theme within GO Launcher EX ‘MENU’ go to ‘preferences’ and then to ‘theme preferences’.

Download Theme

To use the above theme on Android you need another app that is Go Launcher EX app for Android.

Its an amazing app, read features below:

Go Launcher EX App

Choice of 100,000,000+ people using Android from all over the world, makes it a great app to have, right? More than 10,000 themes, smooth flipping and transition effects provided by 3D core, 25+ fancy transition effects, 15+ free widgets (weather, clock, switch, calendar), gestures support makes it really really impressive launcher for Android.

Download Go Launcher EX