Need for Speed Rivals Gameplay Guides and Tutorials on Android

by on January 25th, 2014

Its always better to have a look at the storyline and rules of the game before playing it. If you know the important stuff already before playing the game, it becomes more exciting and you know what are you doing while playing the game, instead of just jumping from one stage to another clearing levels after levels and completing tasks randomly. How about some tips and tutorials on Need for Speed Rivals before playing it. Even if you already have started playing the game, these guides might show you new ways of enjoying your game.

Following apps are unofficial guides and are not sponsored by anyone or not associated with the EA.

Need for Speed Rivals is the most popular racing game series, focusing on continuous struggle of road racers and police. Both sides of the “conflict” in order to complete their goals use fast, powerful and modified models of sport cars. The game also offers an open world with a lot of freedom to drive around in your car aimlessly when choosing how to spend a free time.

Need for Speed Rivals game guide will help you understand game’s basic rules, and complicated elements, so that achieving further goals should become much easier and more enjoyable for you. This guide is divided into several main chapters. First chapter offers game tips, hits on racing and repairing cars. Next chapters describe two main game play modes such as: Rival and Cop. Read description of each mode to collect information on available races and challenges, earning Speed points, rules on unlocking playable vehicles and their upgrades and evading or finalizing police pursuits. Finally ending chapters of this guide focus on multi-player game and completing achievements and trophies.

Guide One Screenshots

Guide Two Screenshots

The second guide contains video material about NFSR from YouTube. This guide has got the parts and chapters that can be played one by one to have a quick overview of any part of NFSR gameplay.

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Bonus Apps

Following are apps for NFS fans to display beautiful HD wallpapers of Need for Speed games on their Android smart phones.

Need for speed HD wallpapers app contains wallpapers from NFS Rivals, NFS Most Wanted, NFS The Run, NFS Shift nleashed, NFS Hot Pursuit, NFS World and NFS Shift.

Need For Speed HD Wallpapers for Android
NFS Most Wanted Wallpapers