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by on September 11th, 2012

Does your website goes down sometimes? Did you notice your website database corrupted? Have you noticed SQL injection attacks on your website? Have you seen your website defaced by any hacker where all your website reflects, a message that ‘you are hacked’, or ‘patch your site admin’ etc. Its a routine matter, seen by many webmasters. I can tell you, I have experienced it all and still see this often. Sometimes website front page is replaced by hacker. Sometimes database gets corrupted. Sometimes website goes down. Sometimes whole root directory disappears. Hosting provider can suspend your hosting account because of any hacker who gained access to your hosting account to spread malware. Its horrible.

Doesn’t matter how much security you may apply, somehow there may be still chances that your website will be hacked, defaced or your mySQL database will be corrupted. In that case if you request web hosting backups, they fail to guarantee the latest full backup. Sometimes backup will be incomplete. Sometimes backup will be outdated.

So here comes the need for a regular, automated full website FTP and mySQL database backup. How do you take website and mySQL backups? Manually? Forget it. We recommend BackupSF software that can take automated full website FTP and database backups for you. Good news is, we are giving away 10 license keys for BackupSF. Subscribe to TechMynd’s newsletter and comment this post to enter in this giveaway contest. Ten lucky winners will be announced after 25 September 2012.

Site down, database corrupted and restore database are heavily searched phrases in Google by webmasters, bloggers and website owners. Your website is physically located on the hard drive of the server in the data center of your hosting provider. This hard drive is the same as in regular computers and although the modern hard drives are fairly reliable, almost everybody has come across the problem of losing data due to some failures. Will the hosting provider perform the very expensive recovery operation of the hard drive if it crashes?

Backups made via the hosting provider’s control panel are usually located on the same computer where your site is stored so if the hard drive breaks down, the site will disappear along with its backup copies. This is true for both shared and VPS hosting, except for cloud hosting. But cloud hosting is really expensive.

Hosting providers often offer a backup option for your site but, as it happens, this kind of backup is very often incomplete and outdated or it quickly occupies the space the hosting provider allocates for your site. Besides, this backup may be permanently lost together with your website if there are any problems with the hard drive it is stored on. If your website is suspended by your hosting provider (maybe because someone hacked your website and it has been distributing malware or you have simply violated the TOS by accident), the hosting provider will not let you have the backup copy.

To bring the site back to life after is has been hacked or removed, you need to get the files and database of the site back on the server the same as they were there before it was infected.

BackupSF is an easy to use software that can handle multiple sites and start storing their backups in your computer from your hosting server. You need to run the software, add project, type FTP and database accounts details and define backup directory. It will start storing backups for specified websites. You can also automate the backup process where it can take regular backups without worrying you about remembering to take backups. Just set it and forget it and you are safe while BackupSF keeps your website backups always fresh and updated.


  • Regular MySQL database backup from the DB server to your local computer
  • Regular file backup via FTP from the server to your local computer
  • Multiple websites backup support at the same time
  • Easy and clear interface
  • Simple step-by-step wizard with instructions

Download BackupSF

Download BackupSF
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How to Get the License Key for BackupSF

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    I’m a would-be graphic designer. Naturally, I’m planning to build an on-line portfolio. From my present experiences, I know that not having a backup can wreck a hell on our lives. Recently, my lappy crashed and all my data and creations were poof!!! I don’t want the same to happen to my web portfolio.