Myspace Acquired by Google

by on June 14th, 2009

Well… this problem is weird. A valued TechMynd reader has inquired about this issue.

HI, whenever I try to open the page redirects to the Google homepage. I have tried other urls related to myspace but the whole domain myspace is redirecting towards the What would be the problem? I think Google is acquiring myspace. I have tried with IE and FF. Both are redirecting to Google.


Myspace is a huge community. I haven’t heard any such news about Myspace to be acquired by Google. nop! Myspace is working fine for me. Infact, I have heard this problem first time.
Check your computer for malware problem.
It can be a stealing cookie issue as well.
Get your PC scanned.
Try using FF Add-on for FF or any proxy website:

  • Redirect Remover Add-on for Firefox
  • Try using
    Go to sureproxy url and enter myspace full url there and hit enter.
    You will get weird ads and blinking, irritating, non social stuff at the top of the resulting page but you will see myspace website beneath all that junk. This way you can browse the site which is normally not being displayed for your region or browser for some reason.

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  1. Itami says:

    I have this problem, too. From two different computers it’s the same thing. I tried using the redirect remover but it didn’t work. Any Help?