Mutant Fighter Download

by on July 29th, 2010

mutant fighter, Mutant Fighter Download

Download Mutant Fighter PC game.

mutant fighter, Mutant Fighter Download

mutant fighter, Mutant Fighter Download

How to play Mutant Fighter

Run mamepgui.exe
Click Available at the left side for available games
Press F5 to refresh
Select and run game there
Type ok if asked
Press Enter
Press 5 for coins couple of times
1 to start
Keys: A, S, D, Z, X, C, Enter, P, arrow keys

Download Mutant Fighter PC Game Free

Download Mutant Fighter (20.4 MB)

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3 Reviews

  1. Tenay says:

    I like what you do especially because I’m able to find the first game I played. I was only 11 when I started playing Mutant fighters and up to today it’s still my best game. thanks very much

  2. Hiroshi says:

    @Son: Try Alt+Enter.

  3. Son says:

    the full screen mode is not working…..ctrl + enter