Mugan with 70+ Characters Download

by on September 30th, 2010


If you do not know what is Mugan or All in one games engine, first read all about Mugan and its customization guide. That will help you get maximum out of Mugan. In short its an emulator which you can use to play any character from any game. You can create your own character as well. You can add fighting character and stages – even music in it. If you want to get a taste of Mugan then we have compiled some files and added more than 70 characters from several games (different stages included). You can choose any character available to battle with random opponent.

Aquaman, Ken, King Arthur, Bartman, Bass, cns, Cyberbots, Cyclops, Dan, elastigirl, EmmaFrost, Gambit, Gigi, Green Arrow, Guile, Iceman, John Stewart, Juggernaut, luigi, Megaman, Mr increible, Cammy, Gill, Hulk, IronMan, Magneto, MBison, Megaman, Rogue, Sentinel, Spiderman, Storm, Venom, Chunli, Ryu, shuma, Snake eyes, Spiderman, Wonderman and many more included.

How to Use Mugan

Run mugen exe
Select any mode of fighting
You might want to check out the options and controls
Default keys are [,],;,’, arrow keys, enter
You might want to change them to A,S,D,Q,W,E, Enter, Arrow Keys
Select character to play with
Start the battle

Download Mugan with 70+ Characters

The size is 1.45 GB but we have compressed it and winrar gave us 542 MB file.

Download Mugan with 70+ Characters (542 MB)

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You can add more characters and stages in Mugan.
All about Mugan and Customization Guide

Mugan Homepage
Download Mugan Characters
Download Mugan Stages

All the characters and stages in this package have been downloaded from infinitymugenteam website.