MSN Messenger Promotes Microsoft Free Virus Scanner

by on September 19th, 2009

MSN messenger encourages users to download Microsoft’s free virus scanner. Recently I had to get a file in rar format from a friend using MSN messenger but I realized that MSN won’t allow rar file transfer saying that it may contain harmful or unsafe application. And Microsoft offers a free virus scanner for messenger. ‘Free virus scanner install button’ was visible while ‘continue to transfer file button’ was not active. You can not transfer zipped files using MSN messenger if you do not have messenger Antivirus installed or ‘Microsoft free virus scanner’. Even if you know that target rar file is safe. You might want to transfer the file anyways. This problem has an easy solution.


Just change the file extension name. Right click at file and select rename.
You might want to disable option of ‘Hide extension for known file types’ in Tools -> Folder Options -> View.
Suppose the file name is file.rar
Change it to something like file.rar.txt and send it via messenger.
The file will be transferred easily.
After file transfer remove ending .txt by renaming it back again and there is your file with you.