Monitor How Applications Are Using Your FaceBook Account

by on February 18th, 2011

Day by day new applications for Facebook are being developed. While these are free apps including games, online tools or apps specifically for Facebook but you never know which app will do what with your Facebook account unless you pay attention while granting it permission to connect with your facebook account.

Facebook apps can access your profile personal information, contact information, access family and relationships, access photos and videos posted by you, access your friend’s information, post at your wall/your friend’s walls and more. If you allow a wrong Facebook app, it can even be harmful to your friend’s Facebook account. So be careful. Always monitor these all application you have allowed. Here is how you can monitor these applications at Facebook.

  • After facebook login, click ‘Account’ tab > ‘Privacy Settings’
  • At the left bottom there is a caption ‘Apps and Websites
  • Below that caption click at link that says ‘Edit your settings’
  • This will bring up a page containing settings for apps and websites you use.
  • See there Apps you use
  • Click Remove unwanted or spammy apps (You can also turn off this apps platform for your Facebook account)
  • The next page will bring apps that you have authorized and allowed to access your information.
  • Clicking any app will open up box which will let you know about the permission that specific app has got.
  • You can remove that app from remove app link.

Keep monitoring apps from time to time and remove unwanted apps you don’t use anymore for your facebook account security.