Merge Windows Live Messenger with Skype

by on June 18th, 2013

skype and windows live messenger

If you have tried to use Windows Live Messenger recently, you might have noticed that it will only display message to
update it after you try to sign in by using your Windows Live Messenger ID and Password. I tried it again and again to update it but I was not successful so I thought that there must be some problem with the update mechanism but it turned out that now Windows Live Messenger will be discontinued from Microsoft and Skype will take its place. You can now use Skype to talk to friends and family who were on Windows Live Messenger before. The shift is going to happen gradually but Skype can be used to sign in by using your Windows Live Messenger account details. Here is how to merge Windows Live Messenger and Skype.

live messenger update to skype

Try to update Windows Live Messenger that will uninstall Windows Live Messenger and update Skype on PC. Alternatively you will need to update Skype if you have not, that will bring you an updated version of Skype that can accept Windows Live Messenger account.

After Skype update, use your Windows Live Messenger account details to sign in with Skype. It will ask for the Skype account to associate with Windows Live account and then you will be able to see Windows Live Messengers contacts in Skype. After you merge your two accounts, all of your Messenger contacts will appear in your Skype contacts list. They will simply be added to your current Skype contacts.