Marriage Proposal By A Googler

by on August 7th, 2008

Michael proposed his girl friend and she said yes. But he thought that his original proposal was quiet and low-key. It was just some simple heart-felt words exchanged during a quiet night at home. So he did what any Silicon Valley geek would do: He decided to upgrade to “Proposal 2.0,” a new improved online version. He proposed to Leslie from inside a Google Street View panorama. And it went live on Google Maps on August 5, 2008.


Michael Weiss-Malik, work for Google. Google Street View team decided to coordinate a pre-announced Street View run outside Google’s Mountain View offices, with the idea that Googlers could line up along the street and appear in the imagery. So Michael put together his “Proposal 2.0” billboard and showed up, hoping that it’d be readily visible. And it was!

Michael thinks that you can help him too telling Leslie what you think! Infact he has created a website so that you can drop her a line to help him propose! With your help, hopefully she’ll give an even more enthusiastic “yes” to the second proposal than she did to the first one!

Street Map View