Make Sure To Do This Before You Move to Dreamhost PS

by on August 7th, 2009

When you have decided to move to ‘Private Server’, there are some important factors you should care about. Give these things a thought.

  • How much downtime you will be experiencing?
  • Have you made a maintainence mode page to show your visitors that website is under maintainence?
  • What if anything breaks?
  • Have you taken back up of databases and website scripts?
  • Have you disabled some specific plugins which could cause problem later on when you are there?

  • Have a detailed conversation with your webhost support and ask about the costs, downtime you will experience and changes which you will have to make in your files (Server Path URL etc.) to make sure everything will work perfectly after you will be in new environment.
  • Build a maintainence page and display it to your visitors.
  • You might inform your visitors earlier about the downtime otherwise you will loose traffic.
  • Take backups of everything.
  • Be prepared for something broken or to fix.
  • Keep your support informed about the progress of everything related to upgrade and what your website is experiencing.
  • Do not do it in your busy days.
  • Do not do it at Saturday or Sunday because you need continuous conversation with your support which will not be available in off days in case of some webhosts.

When it comes to Dreamhost, you experience a little downtime. Nothing will break. Usernames and Paswords and all the settings will remain same. Make sure to check server paths in some cases when you are using a custom made CMS or admin side.
Deactivate Cache and Caching plugins. Sometimes when you move your IP address of website will be changed and server will be changed and then even if you access your website or blog, it might server you pages from the Cache system which could be old or even blank pages.
In case of blog and WP-Super-Cache, deactivate ‘WP-Super-Cache’ before you move.
After you move there and see your site live again, reactivate WP-Super-Cache or whatever Cache system you are using and in the Dreamhost PS case, use WP-Super-Cache without Super thing. Use it in ‘half on‘ mode.