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Got banned from using Google AdSense? You can earn equal to Google AdSense and even more. Download the following eBook and know how. How I Survived without AdSense – PDF eBook.

This section is about make money blogging, blog advertising and get paid to blog. If you have got first motive of blogging or creating a website is money, then I would suggest you to think again! Yet it is said that slow and steady wins the race. Consistency, dedication and hard work can lead you to your dreams. Some say that it is decided that how much you will get in this world. You just have to point to the way to get it. And it will eventually come to you. Ways are many.

Who does not Need Money? If you are writing helpful articles and tips to improve others life then I suggest you should monetize your online presence as well. Money is not essential. It only gives you freedom of choice and keeps you motivated. Nothing more than that. Managing online business or running Blogs or profitable websites put freedom in your work. Work at Home has its charm but it can make you less social and you feel yourself lazy sometimes and you might end up sitting days and nights infront of computer screen. Anyways we are talking about how you can make thousands of dollars by using ads at your website. You can earn Extra Money with the resources at this page. Payperclick (pay per click) is the most used advertising medium for most of the webmasters.

Got blog/website and traffic? Have you decided to add some income stream to it? I will guide you the best resources out there for making easy money online with your blog/website. The key is to select the right advertisement program for your blog and turning visitors into potential revenue streams. I have compiled popular and powerful money making programs opportunities for blog/website owners to consider. Following networks you are about to see are both for advertisers as well as for publishers(Website/blog/forum owners). If you want to advertise your product or you are ready to put some ads at your online property, following advertising solutions are the best around.

First Things First
  • Most publishers/bloggers prefer Google AdSense for their main online income resource. If you are thinking the same way, please before whatever you do, check Google AdSense Program Policies and Guidelines in detail.
  • Add more then one income stream to your blog/website. But!!!
  • Do a research for yourself and see if any ad company’s policy conflicts with other. Be very careful.
Go Ahead Then

I will straight away smash you with the resources I know about advertisement types, advertisers, ad companies and affiliate programs. There are many advertisement income stream types you can add to your blog/website. e.g.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Private Advertising
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Paid Reviews
  • Product Promotions
  • Advertising Programs
  • Text Link Advertising

Ads can be categorized into three major categories:

Ads Categories
  1. Cost per click ads (CPC)
  2. Cost Per Mille ads (CPA)
  3. Cost per action ads (CPM)

Cost per click (CPC): Form of advertisement that pays you when someone clicks on it.
Cost per Action (CPA): Form of advertisement that pays you when someone accomplishes an action (e.g. downloading a file or subscribing to a service)
Cost per mille (CPM): Form of advertisement that pays you to display a banner, button or any other form of advertisement 1000 times.

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Advertisers and publishers can consider following ads services.

google-adsenseGoogle AdSense
We now know that AdSense for content publishers earn a 68% revenue share and AdSense for search partners get a 51% revenue share [ AdSense Revenue Share Details ]. Google AdSense matches ads to your site’s content, and depending on the type of ad, you can earn money from clicks. Google AdSense has lots of options for generating revenue via Ad units, link units, custom search and feed ads.
yahoo-publishersYahoo Publisher Network
Simply display ads that are relevant to the content of your site and earn money from qualified clicks. No investment is required and setup is quick and easy.
crisp-adsCrisp Ads
A global network with top converting US, UK, AU & CA campaigns. Targeted ads based on your content, It’s your choice what goes on your site.
azoogle-adsAzoogle Ads
AzoogleAds is a division of Epic Advertising. It is the company’s flagship performance-based ad network focused primarily on direct response advertising and ‘CPA’.
net partnerNetPartner
NetPartner connects high converting, high paying offers with high volume traffic and leads on a pay by performance basis (Highest Payouts, CPA & RevShare, Exclusive Offers).
market leverageMarket Leverage
Market Leverage provides Publishers access to hundreds of top-notch advertisements designed to maximize their online profits. They have the best offer payouts, FedEx payments to Publishers, and have the highest paying rewards program in the industry.
technorati-adsTechnorati Ads
Do you want to sell ads directly using Technorati’s self-serve platform? Do you want their media sales team to represent your site to brand advertisers? Decide for yourself and have an automated ads program. Its beautiful.
net klixNetklix
Earn revenue by displaying text PPC Adverts. Get paid for each valid click generated. Monthly payments direct to your bank account.
pepperjam networkPepperjam Network
Easiest way to make money from website’s is using advertising programs simply paste a piece of code and you will have relevant adverts displayed on your website. Pepperjam is one of the true pioneers of affiliate marketing having started out as an affiliate and then successfully building one of the largest, most respected and recognizable full-service internet marketing agencies in the United States.
buy sell adsBuy Sell Ads
Do you want the benefits of selling ads through a marketplace but don’t want to pay high commissions (their rate is 25%). From accepting payments to putting ads live and then taking them down, the entire process is automated.
Link WorthLink Worth
Sell ads and monetize your site with relatively little maintenance. Earn up to 70% of ad revenue recurring monthly in most situations. Get paid to blog and write reviews for products & services.
oio publisherOIO Publisher
OIOpublisher is an ad platform with a focus on performance, control and ease of use. Serve advertising on your blog or website and keep 100% of the revenue you bring in.
ad peepsAd Peeps
Ad Peeps is a banner rotator and text ad rotator – all in one that allows you to sell and manage a variety of image ads, rich-media/flash ads and text ads on your website.
Kontera In-Text website advertising solutions allow publishers to monetize their content without taking away additional web page real-estate.
Find out how we can help you generate more revenue from your ad space with customize ads to match your site. Customize ads to match your site. Approve and reject ads for your site. Works alongside other ad programs, Supports: Text ads, Banners, Full page ads, Inline ads, BritePic.
auction ads, shopping adsAuctionAds
Display hot products from top merchants on your website. Make more money from the boosted click-through rates that ShoppingAds provide.
vizuVizu (a poll advertising system)
The everyday Vizu Ad Catalyst system uses Brand Lift to measure the effectiveness of online brand ad campaigns for publishers, agencies and brand advertisers in real-time. Optimize your campaigns and quantify your advertising return-on-investment.
Make Money from your Website or Blog. Display the BidVertiser text ads on your website or blog, get paid for every click and have the payments sent directly to your PayPal account.
Chitika offers a variety of ad units and income streams. The top three are eMiniMalls, Related Product Units, Shoplincs. They continue to work best on product related sites.
clik bankClickBank
Selling your digital products via ClickBank is the easy way to multiply your online sales.
commission junctionCommission Junction
Maximize your revenue opportunities by developing sustainable relationships with top-tier advertisers. Perform and get paid for every sale and lead you generate. For qualifying publishers, take your program to the next level with our industry exclusive solution for top-performers.
E-junkie provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList and other websites using PayPal Standard, PayPal Pro, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, TrialPay, ClickBank and 2CheckOut.
amazon associatesAmazon Associates
Make money advertising Amazon products and earn up to 15% in referrals. Link to Amazon or Endless products, your favorite destinations, search results, or any other page on Amazon.
review meReview Me
Make money reviewing and promoting products – ReviewMe has allowed me to generate great revenue reviewing products I find interesting.
pay per postPay Per Post
Get paid for blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers.
blog adsBlogAds
They say that they are the blog advertising specialists. They pioneered blog advertising in 2002 and trail-blaze today.
text links adsText Links Ads
Make more money by selling text based ads. Join 20,000+ publishers monetizing their sites. Sell simple, relevant text ads on your website.
Ads that are easy on the eyes. Sell in content ads without the annoying pop up! Predictable revenue. Get paid a flat rate per month per ad sold. Full editorial control. Approve or deny ads as they are sold or allow us to control.
Generate new and lucrative revenue streams. Offer compelling content to your audience. Be part the largest B2B performance network on the web today.
rev responseRevResponse
Use the Ad Wizard to create ads, widgets, and other promotions. Cut and paste the HTML code into your site to start making $$.
voxant - make moneyVoxant News Room
Voxant is a resource for website publishers who want to embed quality, licensed news content on a wide variety of topics at their websites. All you have to do is go to Voxant website and sign up for free. Then find some news related to the topic of your blog. You will see a little “embed” button next to all the news articles and videos. Click that button and copy the code to put it on your blog. You will then get paid every single time someone visits the page it’s posted on.
widget-bucks-make-moneyWidget Bucks
WidgetBucks helps publishers and bloggers maximize their site earnings through a proprietary technology called YieldSense. This smart advertising technology maximizes CPC earnings by automatically analyzing and displaying the highest-yielding product widgets unique to a publisher’s site. Within its ad widgets, WidgetBucks offers performance-based CPC (cost-per-click) units across multiple verticals, including shopping, travel and local, as well as CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) advertisements.
ads-click-make-moneyAds Click
Use the power of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and performance marketing to monetize the keywords of your search engine or the categories of your directories.
peak-clickPeak Click
70% Payout, Highest Revenue-Per-Click, Payments in Euro & USD, 3-tier affiliate program, XML and TXT feed, Advanced stats, Friendly support.
vibrant-mediaVibrant Media
In-text advertising. Vibrant In-Text Advertising campaigns will increase your advertising revenue without adding more clutter, allowing you to expand advertising real estate with relevant in-text placements.
tribal-fusionTribal Fusion
Top CPM rates; Serve and manage your own campaigns through a powerful interface; Maximize Revenue.
RSS advertising solutions. Turn your RSS traffic into money. Measure and monitor your feed’s revenue potential. Works alongside Feedburner.
Simple to use publisher solutions that can help you generate revenue from your site.
Site-Specific Marketing Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers. Leverage your premium online content to generate additional revenue from contextually targeted ads that are consistent with your brand. Monetize your existing content and search pages. Maintain the quality of your brand. Deliver only highly relevant ads on your Web site.
Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their Web sites or blogs. Generate revenue today and receive your payment in 15 days.
Industry-leading eCPMs, High payouts, Easy installation. A Pay-per-click network.
text-ads-bizText Ads
TextAds seamlessly integrate into your UI. Template based Ads. Template based Ad Buying pages. All ads can be Keyword Driven. Prompt Monthly Payout. Quickest way to start making money by selling textads.
revenue-pilotRevenue Pilot
RevenuePilot provides you with the most innovative, efficient and effective way to monetize your traffic. The Pay For Performance (PFP) and the Pay Per Click (PPC) markets have created ample opportunity for the web publishing community to turn its traffic into pure profits.
yes-advertisingYes Advertising
Guaranteed CPM payout rate. 5 Level of referral. Bi-weekly payment via check or paypal. Advance default ad management (Geo-target capable). High quality and innovative ads. Advertisement control. Dedicated account manager and more.
microsoft-advertising-ad-centerMicrosoft Advertising AdCenter
For advertisers, with Microsoft search advertising, you create your adCenter account, define your target market, and set an ad budget. You can easily import your search campaign, pay on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, and access over 40 million1 unique users.
For Publisher, place ads on your web site, realizing revenue potential with relevant ads targeted to your audience. Customize ads to the look and feel of your web site. Gain access to one of the largest advertising networks, delivering high-quality ads. Monitor performance with a variety of tracking features.
value-click-mediaValue Click Media
Quality, control and a robust publisher platform make ValueClick Media a trusted partner to earn the most revenue from every form of online advertising. Earn revenue through Value Click ad network platform by running ads from hundreds of quality advertisers on your web site. Receive some of the highest eCPM rates with unmatched fill through a wide variety of standard banners, pop-unders and rich media.
search-feedSearch Feed
By partnering with, Webmasters enhance site content while earning additional revenue from existing Web traffic.’s ad technology is deployed through both search and content channel integration, helping to monetize Internet traffic more effectively while maintaining the existing look and feel of a partner’s site. Search Feed Partner programs.
reduxmediaRedux Media
60 million uniques across 4 billion impressions worldwide, 9 million unduplicated uniques in Canada reaching over 40% of all Canadians online! Real time ad-serving technology with full optimization capabilities to achieve campaign ROI, Key and developed niche content categories fit to match specific campaign demographics. Superior ad representation and competitive rates.
consorteConsorte Media
Relevant campaigns from top brand advertisers based on deep knowledge of your site, audience, and advertising capabilities, Innovative, beyond-the-banner advertising opportunities, including video, rich media and sponsorships, The Consorte Media Publisher Portal, a central resource for advanced reporting, publisher tools, support, and account management, Competitive eCPMs that help move your business forward.
You’ve got a great site. You publish quality content that your audience loves. Nicely done! Now Adroll can help you earn more for all your hard work, and have some fun in the process. Represent Your Site with a Profile. Join Appropriate Rolls. Rolls are groups of sites visited by people interested in a specific topic. Participate and Earn More.
ttzmediaTTZ Media
Apply for program, add code into your website, make easy money. It is that simple, really. TTZ Media provides a very intuitive ad code generation system as well as a tracking system, and ad banners are one of the most flexible on the web.
performancingadsPerformancing Ads
Make money and generate traffic from your blog. Fully-automated, self-serve ad system, The largest 125×125 ad marketplace on the planet, Automatically get paid at the end of the same month you earn your money, Book your own ads… for free, Built by publishers, for publishers. Earn money or build credits that will drive free traffic to your site. As you display exchange ads on your site, you earn credits to have your ad displayed on other sites.
Neverblue’s proprietary affiliate program is focused on ease of use. They have great ads (Thousands of market leading, high yield offers from top tier advertisers) and they offer generous payouts.
Advertisers can have articles written about their products or services with a link to their site (blog advertising). Bloggers can make money by writing opinion article posts and by pay-per-click advertising commissions.

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