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by on February 19th, 2009


Finally another ads network, bloggers can trust. If Google is the Web’s reference library, Technorati is becoming its coffee house. Technorati has the most comprehensive information on the blogosphere, indexing more than 1.5 million new blog posts in real time every day. Technorati tracks the authority, influence, and popularity of blogs, the leading emerging topics, and who and what are most popular in the blogosphere.

Technorati has designed an advertising network to enable blog and social media publishers at every level to maximize online advertising revenues by delivering ads that make sense. Best part about this program is to add a website and get the code which after implementing in your website will display ads according to the specifications you have defined in your account.

Benefits of the Program
  • Technorati understands the needs of bloggers and publishers to find the right audience for your content, and the right advertisers.
  • Relevant ads to your content and audience.
  • Most innovative and engaging programs and campaigns.
  • Collaboration with top tier networks and destinations including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Fox Interactive Media, CNET, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post, Time Inc, and Adteractive.
  • Technorati Engage a self-service advertising network for blogs and social media sites, makes it easy for publishers of all sizes to make money.
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