Make Money Using Twitter – 7 Tools and Useful Tips – Twitter Monetization Guide

by on October 30th, 2009

make-money-using-twitterHave you ever tried to sell Twitter account on ebay like Andrew Baron did (He withdrew the offer after knowing that buyers can be potential marketers and spammers)? If yes, then you should think again because you can monetize your Twitter account in many ways. I have got Seven Twitter Applications to share with you which will make easy money for you from using Twitter. Infact you can make thousands of dollars using Twitter if you have got some audience. I will talk about the ways you can make money using Twitter and then I will give you Twitetr Apps links to start with.

First of all you should have a Twitter account. Then you should have a considerable number of followers. Minimum 200 followers are required to start earning from Twitter right away.

Monetize Twitter

Consider the following ways:

  • Direct advertisement at Twitter by recommending some product or service.
  • You can advertise at the background of Twitter.
  • By promoting product among your followers.
  • You can use affiliate links in the Tweets. Shoemoney talked about affiliate marketing which can be actually be blended within Twitter.
  • Use Twitter for paid reviews.
  • Run sponsored contest using Twitter on advertiser’s recommendation.
Maximize Earning Potential as Twitter User

Do the followings to maximize your earning potential for your Twitter profile.

  • While making money using Twitter experience counts. Use more Twitter.
  • Have complete Twitter profile.
  • Add Sponsored Tweets to your advertise page at website or blog if any.
  • Show Tweet Click stats (use Hootsuite, or Klout score).
  • Maintain good ratio of followers. Followers must be more then people you are following.
  • Auto following and unfollowing thousands of people won’t work. Do not do it.
  • Build influence on Twitter using your Wikipedia page, Blog, YouTube Channel, music channel or website.

And now allow me to give you some money making applications for Twitter. Use the following Twitter money making tools to connect with the advertisers and start making money by the same thing you do. Tweet. Its like converting hobby into cash or its like hobby with a lot of cash.

Sponsored Tweets

Your Twitter account must be at least 4 months old and have at least 200 followers to be visible to advertisers and receive offers. Sponsored Tweets will show you every paid tweet stat. Sponsored Tweets also offers you an option to specify the Ad Unit Type, it is essentially about who should write the content of your tweets. Whenever you accept an opportunity and complete it, you get paid. You can withdraw the money once you hit $50.


If you have 500 followers, one tweet can instantly get you 1.5$. They’ll pay you for access to your Twitter (Twitter) account, and advertisers will pay them for tweets they send out in your name. Depending on your preferences, you can allow them to tweet as much as every other tweet or as little as once in twenty tweets.


TwittAd is a service in which someone buys an ad-spot on your Twitter account. They buy your Twitter background for a certain period of time. The rates range from 0.03$ – 0.10 per follower, per month depending on the advertiser.


Once you sign up with ChurpChurp and when an advertiser is willing to advertise their ads on you Twitter, ChurpChurp will send an email to you. Then you just write based on the keywords and link given and just TWEET!


RevTWT is an advertising network on Twitter. The more followers you have the greater chance you can make money. Your twitter account has to have more than 50 people in order for this to work.

Easy Tweets

It’s an application you have to pay for. EasyTweets allows you to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts. You can then setup tweets that’ll happen in the future. Join Thousands of Marketers using EasyTweets and take complete control of Twitter.


You tell adCause what to display and how often to display it. You set the price and how long the ad should be displayed.

Okay! your experience? Are you interested in earning while using Twitter?