MAC OSX Snow Leopard Has Got Builtin Anti-virus and Anti-malware

by on August 29th, 2009

Now that’s what I call the operating system that can actually defend itself and protected in some way by default. I mean what is the point of creating an OS that is insecure and you have to buy a costly Anti-virus program for that as a separate package. MAC; without anti-virus is secure enough, because MAC users are more productive and less hackers. Its Linux-Windows war basically. Yet Apple seems to aid MAC OSX Snow Leopard with a built-in Anti-virus and Anti-Malware to ensure no virus problems for their product.

There are also some Antivirus products like iAntivirus for MAC and Norton AntiVirus For Mac but MAC OSX Snow Leopard contains built-in- protection which you will experience as soon as you will upgrade or buy MAC OSX Snow Leopard.