Lytro to bring the future of photography

by on June 23rd, 2011

The California-based startup company is planning to soon launch a new generation of cameras, one that  allows for complete focus adjustment after the photo was taken.

The clever secret behind this creation is a new type of sensor that is able to collect much more information about all the light coming into the camera than all camera models found on the market, professional or otherwise. According to the Lytro website, the device is able to record the entire “light field”, made up of “all the light rays in a scene”, including color, intensity and direction of the rays of light.

Compiling such a vast amount of data, users will be able to fully adjust the focus of a picture after it has been captured, with the use of a computer and a dedicated software. With this brilliant redesigning of the camera, novices and professionals alike will be able to take photos without worrying about the focus, as well as capture action shots with much more ease.

The new technology also allows for  capturing images in conditions with low levels of brightness, regardless of flash, as well as giving the possibility of taking 3D-like photographs with only one lens and no need for glasses.

While the technology has been around for quite a few years, Lytro will be the first to attempt bringing it to the general public. With a collective investment of 50.000.000 $ in the company, it is clear they are  set  to achieve this dream. After latest word, Lytro has announced that they will release a product by the end of this year, though a price around it has not yet been revealed.