Lookout Mobile Security and Backup App for Android

by on March 30th, 2011

lookout mobile security scanning android

Lookout is a security app for Android, developed by XDA member ‘Sonic Design’ which protects your Android handset from malware and viruses. Locate your lost or stolen phone on Google Maps with ‘Find My Phone’ feature. The app also provides a backup and restore. Lockout is a #1 Security App for Android.

Following are detailed features of app.


  • Block malware, spyware, and phishing apps
  • Scan every app you download to ensure they’re safe
  • Schedule daily or weekly security scans
  • Receive automatic protection against the latest threats
  • Prevent viruses from being transferred from your phone to your PC
  • Unlike other antivirus apps, Lookout is super simple to use yet lightweight and battery efficient


  • Locate your lost or stolen phone on a Google map
  • Activate a loud alarm to find your phone nearby, even if it is on silent
  • Lookout can remotely enable GPS, so you can find your phone even if GPS is turned off
  • Log in to myLookout.com from any web browser to locate your phone


  • Securely back up your contacts
  • Restore data to an existing phone
  • Access all your backed up data securely, online at myLookout.com
  • Lookout is certified by TRUSTe so you can rest assured your privacy and your data is protected

You can download Lookout Android app through link below or by using the QR code.

Download Lookout for Android

Download Lookout for Android
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