by on July 9th, 2007

Here are some very cool links relating to some online tools for webmasters and web developers and some recreational and inspirational stuff.

Online Tools Collection for Webmasters and Developers
Expense management System
Blog Subscribers Counter


Bytes Converter
Currency Converter
Binary/ASCII Converter (Encrypt/Decrypt)
Hexadecimal ASCII Unicode Converter

IP/Domain Tools

Domain Lookup (Search Domain Name)
IP Address Locator


Website/Blog Info & Stats Tools
Quick eMail Anywhere, Anybody
Emails Extractor
Words Counter
Add Sequencial Number to lines (at start or end)
Add Prefix Suffix to text
Remove Lines Containing Given Text
Pick Random Line or Name


Meta Tags Generator
Anchor Link generator
Random Numbers List Passwords Generator
List of Numbers Generator


Case Converter
Remove duplicate lines
Remove Empty Lines
Remove Line Breaks
Sort Text Lines
Word Scrambler


Urdu Typist


Find Your Lucky Number

and some more…

Facebook Username Check
Internet Speed Test

Personal Management Book (PMB) Web based management software
PHP Photo Album Download free PHP Photo Album
Email Marketing System Web based e-main marketing software download (Fun, Inspirational and Entertainment Stuff) (All About PHP – Scripts, Downloads) (All About Developing Better Websites) (Entertainment Stuff)