Where is Left Side for the Available Game in Mame and MamePlus

by on August 13th, 2010

Mame and MamePlus are the gaming emulator software to emulate gaming roms. mame or mamePlus emulators has got cache mechanism which enables these software to quickly show the contents previously loaded. We have posted Mame32 and mamePlus at TechMynd. We post instruction for every game to play with it, but few gamers still encounter difficulty sometimes. This post will answer related issues of emulators.

mame mameplus games help

By looking above image I think many of gamers would say “okay got it” but in case you don’t, no need to be worried.

In mame32 after you run the emulator exe, you will see three panels.

1- Folders
2- Game Section
3- Screenshot Section

That folder section has got folder named as ‘Available‘. If you click this folder, only available games will be shown to you in the second section. The middle section of emulator shows the game names. You can select the game from from and double click to run it.

While in MamePlus you will see this folder as Available Arcades to view available games instead of all games stored in the cache.

Refresh the Emulator – F5

Make sure you refresh the emulator by hitting ‘F5’ key when you load it. Its necessary because emulator shows you cached version of previously loaded settings and games. You will notice that if you download a game from TechMynd, played it, and then download any other game from TechMynd, sometimes you will see the old game in newly downloaded game or nothing at all. By refreshing the emulator using F5 key, the problem will be solved.

I do not like to Play with Keys Ctrl and Alt

Mame or Mame32 supports ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ keys to move game character and fire at enemies. MamePlus or Mame32Plus has got support for keys like Z, X, C which is more comfortable then using ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Alt’ keys. We have games with mame and mameplus. If you don’t like mame then copy game file from its ‘roms’ directory and paste it in mameplus roms directory to play that game using mameplus. You can download games which use mameplus from TechMynd and we have posted many emulators for games here at TechMynd as well here and here.

Mame Emulator Flips the Computer Screen While Gameplay

Ever noticed that your monitor screen flips to right, left or things just become upside down while playing game with mame emulator. That’s a little issue you can fix with the settings of your graphic card. Detailed article on how to fix it.

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If you find any difficulty in playing games available at TechMynd or any related issue to emulators then use contact page and send us an email. We thank our guests for taking huge interest in classic games and making TechMynd favorite place to hang around. If you used to play any game in your past but could not find it anymore and want that game again then let us know.