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by on January 28th, 2014

This is a free and unique app for lawyers or general public that contains over 11000 law definitions, complete abbreviations for citations and its an expanded law guide. This law guide has been made to define the terms in the field of law. It has more than 11,000 offline definitions which fulfills the obvious need for good law and legal reference for anything you want. This is an offline app that need no internet connection to run. Internet is needed only to get extra information when needed.

It does not require any telephone number but is optional. This app gives you an option to dial a call whose permission comes from a “click to call” button. This law guide is very helpful for paralegal students. It is also helpful for the students of business law and company law to acquire knowledge and to understand legal text.

Its distinguished features are

  • Law guide
  • A comprehensive source to get meanings of legal words
  • Over 11,000 offline definitions available.
  • FAQ’s
  • Quick answer
  • More than 300 articles
  • Major abbreviations for case citation
  • Browsing facility to search for further explanation
  • Bookmark can be added
  • Forum for legal advice
  • Case reviews
  • Law journal
  • Lawyer Directory
  • Helps the readers to grasp legal text
  • Arranges legal words, terminologies and phrases under a specific topic.

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This app is available for android phones and IOS. The users of this app can get information regarding legal immigration policies. There is also an option to case review.

Lawyers are available to get a piece of advice. An answer to a legal question is available on this app. This is a short and handy app with a massive load of information. It’s a must have application for all law students and professionals.

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