LaunchOnFly – Start Menu Alternative – Open Programs Faster

by on November 10th, 2007

LaunchOnFly is a Start Menu alternative and hotkey manager. It lets you launch applications, open files, folders, Web sites, and send e-mails faster and easier using quickly accessible and easily configurable menu which you can open using either mouse or keyboard. After setup initial menu is created for you. It’s very easy later to add new items to menu using Send To menu or by dragging and dropping them onto LaunchOnFly Settings window.


Latest Changes
  • Bug fix: Settings window did not always come to front after sending an item to LaunchOnFly
  • Bug fix: Error occured while sending an item to LaunchOnFly with Settings window opened and Menu tab not selected
  • Bug fix: Couldn’t uninstall LaunchOnFly if it was running and upgraded from versions prior to 1.5
  • Bug fix: Menu saving is now more reliable
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