Latest Google Innovations

by on October 20th, 2010

rushmore, google image recognition

Technology is awesome. Google makes it even awesome. Following videos will explain how Google is changing our lives.

Google Perfect Image Recognition – Rushmore

The Ultimate Image Search

Improved search by size, color, type of image and more…

Updates in Real Time

Get instant updates from Google in real time as the latest news appears on Twitter, blogs or anywhere…

Speak and Learn a new language

By using Google you can learn a new language. Go to Google Translator and translate any language into any other language and press listen button. Its that easy.

Google Instant Search Results as you Type

As you type your search you will see the page search results changing without even hitting the search button.

20ft High Search Results

Stealing the Google Logo

Personalize your Google.

Google Demo Slam

Make a Demo, Show the world what you can do, get selected by the community as a champ.

Check out Google Demo Slam