Lahore Bloggers Meetup – What Actually Happened

by on November 24th, 2008

Lahore Bloggers Meetup – Sunday, November 23, 2008
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), DHA Lahore, Pakistan
Auditorium SC-4 (adjacent to super store), LUMS, DHA, Lahore


LUMS IEEE Students Chapter
(in collaboration with CIO Pakistan & Google Pakistan)
Management: Khurram Amin, Adnan Ali, Badar Khushnood
Event InfoHost: Pakistani Freelancers
Type: Meetings – Informational Meeting
Network: Global

  • Socializing offline & sharing the secrets to earning online!
  • Who Can Benefit From Blogging?
  • Students: Discover how you can earn your own pocket money.
  • Housewives: Learn how you can earn & support your family while staying at home.
  • Professionals: See how you can enjoy a second income while still doing a full-time job.
Event Summary:

The idea was to encourage Internet users & bloggers to meet offline as well. Senior bloggers got a chance to share knowledge & experience. New wanna-be bloggers could learn from the local success stories and network with leaders & professionals in this field.

But it turned out that it was a introduction and ‘how-tos’ sponsored by Google. But its okay. Their aim was to aware people and they introduced Blogger as a blogging choice.

Success Stories: (Saad Hamid) – WordPress User (Maryam Nasim) – Freelancer (Haris Nadeem) – WordPress User


WiFi connectivity (could not be possible), live blogging, twitter, etc.
Give aways from Google Inc. and CIO (few were left).

My Views

From the morning I was very excited about the event. I tweeted a bit also about that where I caught Adnanbwp tweeting there too. Infact I saw some Pakistani bloggers using Twitter. I was in doubt however that there would be discussion at Pro-Level Blogging. I was not wrong yet altogether it was worth gathering and listening to the success stories and watching others having the same passion for Blogging.

12 Things That Amazed Me
  1. 2nd ever Meetup in Pakistan arranged over just a Facebook message 3 days prior to the event date.
    Just before 3 days at Face Book this meetup was called and around 100 bloggers from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad Pakistan responded immidiately, tweeted, blogged, spread the word and arrived in time to attend the meeting.
  2. Friends can not sit together.
    This thing really amazed me. As the meeting started, Mr. Badar asked us to split up randomnly because the whole idea was to mix up and get connected with each other and build community rather than just sitting with your friends and listening.
  3. I never knew before, that people of Pakistan (including young and aged) could be so much enthusiastic about blogging.
  4. There is large number of community of non-bloggers folk using Social Media websites in Pakistan.
    I met a person who told me that he used Twitter and never been a blogger.
  5. I realized the potential of blogging using
    WordPress is used for blogging platform widely known comparetively but there is huge potential and own benefits of using as a blogging platform.
  6. There are some people in Pakistan who never cared about earning from blogs even they are doing it for past several years out of passion.
  7. Twitter was discussed and named widely.
  8. Managing 115 blogs
    A lady who was the author and managing around 115 blogs altogether.
  9. Earning $1000 US Dollars per month with blogging and Adsense.
    A Really young student who just cleared his 10th grade, was introduced who was earning round about $1000 dollars per month by blogging.
  10. The guy who was managing and promoting blogging, never run a blog in his life long and he never knew enough about Adsense either. i.e. How many ads we can place at single page?
    (I hope this will finally bring him towards blogging, If he reads this…)
  11. WordPress or Blogger
    This meeting was sponsored by Google and meant to promote but almost all the successful bloggers and major success stories came from the bloggers who choosed WordPress as a platform.
  12. A ten years of age little girl was there to have some information about blogging. OMG!

What Actually Was Discussed?
  1. Blogging and how to start earning from it?
  2. Tools for professional blogging! (, Google Analytics, Adsense)
  3. Twitter
  4. Adsense
  5. Other Ads Networks
  6. Social Media Websites
  7. Money Transfer Ways
1- Blogging and How to Start Earning From Blogger and AdSense? was choosed to spread the word of blogging. WordPress was not discussed at considerable level. Different successful bloggers shared their success stories. Following points were highlighted:

  • Making money by blogging is possible but there is no shortcut.
  • Find Your Audience.
  • Thankless hardwork (and sleepless nights).
  • Be patient and stick with your goal.
  • Gather ideas for the content.
  • Write original content.
  • Socialize with other bloggers.
2- Tools For Professional Blogging! (, Google Analytics, Adsense)

Different tools were discussed and were displayed in action.

3- Twitter

People were more enthusiastic about Twitter rather then blogging :)

4- Adsense

A very important issue was discussed about AdSense there.

A person asked:
Why the user will click at ads at all when he/she is there for your content and you have provided or given him enough.
This question was answered as Google serves Contextual Ads based on relevancy of content. It means that Ads appear according to your content. You have written something, and Google serves ads relating to the products which are relevant to your content. That means user will have more options to browse related to your content.

5- Other Ad Networks
  • Kontera (Click based ads network)
  • Tribal Fusion (Impression based ads network)
  • Review Me
  • Symmetry Ads (Local Pakistani Ads Network)

It was told that Google allows other ads network to be used with it at a website. (I would like to add that you should describe it plainly that these are advertisements where you use other ads networks and also have a privacy policy page ready and there include your ads policy too to users of website i.e. explain user about cookies and other information which ads network gather in order to serve ads at your website.)

6- Social Media Websites

Social media websites were discussed i.e. Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon but Twitter was foremost.

7- Money Transfer Ways

Almost every ad network allows Money Cheque way of money transfer but that is very slow process here. Paypal is other option which is not available for Pakistani bloggers, so a suggestion of BankWire money transfer using a bank account was made for the ads network which does not allow Western Union either. There is AdSense which allows Western Union yet. WU is the very fastest way of money transfer so far.

What Should Have Been There, Included and Discussed?
  1. WordPress
  2. Adsense (How it works)
  3. WiFi internet connectivity (nobody knew the proxy settings, we could not bring the event live…)
  4. People were hesitant to communicate and mix up (It was second meetup in pakistan, People are still not much familiar)
  5. Nobody wore profile badges and nobody was carrying his ID or Profile cards (including me).
Final Words

We must keep our hopes high and prepare for the next more enthusiastic meetup. Although this meetup was not a failure. The aim was to promote blogging via If you name blogging and are not mentioning WordPress then, my friend, you gonna miss something huge. Its like a Pizza without cheese. Can you imagine that? There are bloggers including me, who would die for WordPress. We like too. Infact I am gonna start a blogger blog right away. I am inspired and motivated by its potential described by Badar Khushnood. But we love WordPress. Does not matter we loose our AdSense accounts for loving WordPress. Does not matter we do not get any reward for blogging. WordPress is a passion like Blogger is itself a passion for some people. Blogging is a passion. It is not for money. It is not for fame either.

Anyways Thanks Google, Thanks Blogger, Thanks LUMS Pakistan. It is beginning of new journey for Pakistani bloggers.

In The End

And did I mention that there was TEA in the end.

I mentioned this event in a light fun and critical way. Comments are welcomed.
Original Photo Album of event is here.

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  4. faizandosani says:

    nice review.
    i ‘ll definitely attend the same event in Karachi on 6th Dec.

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    Very nice! just one thing missing … a photo of yourself with a comic callout :)

  6. Hiroshi says:

    Here comes the Guru.
    Usman from
    you are my senior buddy.
    There was nothing specific in my mind. I wanted to post the details and I was wondering why they did not tell us that it was from I posted exact thing and comparison which came to me right at that moment. That is what I did. Audience needed to know for sure that what actually happened from my point of view!

  7. Sanix says:

    Great way of doing a review :-). Reminds me of my discussion with other bloggers in which we were discussing how to make it to the front page of google frequently. And the conclusion was either make a high contraversary/criticism or be proactive. You did it both ways :-). Thumbs up.

  8. A very elaborate description and review of the event. Helped me recap all the good things that we talked about and listened to throughout the event.

    Hats off! :)

  9. Hiroshi says:

    @Marryam: Thanks a lot. I am honored by your comment.

  10. Marryam says:

    I had attended that meet up…and afterwards… read a lot of reviews…but I MUST say that your was by far the most innovative , informative and interesting one of them all…Hats off to HIROSHI !! keep up the excellent are definitely setting a standard!

  11. Hiroshi says:

    @Badar Khushnood: O… Dear! Wsalam Sir. Alright I will tag myself there. Thanks Sir. Healthy criticism can lead to some improvement. Was I too much critical in this review?

  12. Badar Khushnood says:

    Salam Techmynd – great review, really very impressive and exemplary!

    Rated ‘a must read’ from me…

    By the way, which one was you @ the event… am sorry for my bad… but plz tag urself either the Facebook or Picasa photos…


  13. Ha ha :D Excellent review! Loving that “Google something…Google needs a connection too” comment..Hilarious! :D
    I wish to have one such event here at Karachi as well.

  14. Farhan says:

    Yeah nice review! I reached late but still I made it up and covered it for CIO Pakistan.

    And . . .

    um… about Aarpix :P, I am trying to transform this failure story into a success story :) and maybe till next meetup. Who knows? :D

  15. ACTIVER says:

    Well great review indeed I needed this sort of view from an attendee of #LBM08.

    Thanks seems a treat for a person followed the meetup from home :s

  16. Hiroshi says:

    Thanks, all of you. I hoped to find attention like that from foreign bloggers but I got love from my own country, my own home. Thank you very much.

  17. Hiroshi says:

    @Zee Waqar: There will be schedule for Karachi soon, hope so. We are all excited about that. We never met that kid (Haris Nadeem) either. He was not in the meeting. He was not the relative of Mr. Badar either. Google does not do the favors.

  18. Zee Waqar says:

    Very nice information….I really missed the meeting. Is there any schedule for Karachi?

    I would like to meet the kid who made $1000 per month( I hope its not any relative of Badar)
    Zee Waqar

  19. Ferman Aziz says:

    I think this is what pro bloggers were talking about to add value in news….

    Siraf andaz e biaan Rang badal deta hai
    warna duniya main koi baat nai baat nahi

  20. Teeth Maestro says:

    Great review – I think you all had a great time – hope we can replicate something like this in Karachi – the Wifi issue has plagued me one too many times – I think we need to develop a fail-safe – as bloggers covering the event might really enjoy tremendously while live blogging

  21. aamir attaa says:

    Indeed a good review!

  22. you have summed up everything nicely. great review.

    BTW, LOL on the pictures. great captions.

  23. Hiroshi says:

    @DjFlush: Thanks a lot DJ. I am honored by your comment. For all blogger guys out there in Pakistan. DJ at is the successful and senior blogger. He shared his success story with us.

  24. Hiroshi says:

    @Teeth Maestro: I hope so. May these events take place too often. This is awareness that will enlighten people minds and show them more ways of income streams. I will surely attend Karachi’s gathering too. people who came from Karachi and Islamabad were indeed brilliant and much familiar with blogging stuff.

  25. Hiroshi says:

    @Jaf: Thanks Jaf. Just light side of the event. Otherwise the event was great.

  26. Jaf says:

    the images above just giggles me great work :}

  27. DjFlush says:

    lol an uber critique I must say.

    While most of the bloggers out there are just publishing the usual piece of news about the event, I must say you have added an excellent personal touch the photos and given this a whole new life.

    I really enjoyed reading whole of it. True blogging, thats what I call it ;)