Get Details About Any File in Windows OS

by on November 3rd, 2008

Inquire about any Windows file. If you like to manually fix things at your PC, or you have come across a strange file you do not have a clue about, then you can check its nature and details about that file. It can be a virus! It can be a System file etc. Following resource tells you the name and nature of the file and also tell some more details about that file. So you can take proper action. Its good to know before keeping or deleting a strange file that what it is. is a file information web site, where users discuss about Windows files. The high quality of all information is ensured by research center, highly professional participants at that website.

This website tells us following things about any windows file:

  • That file is important for Windows or an installed application.
  • That file seems to be needed for Windows OS or an installed application.
  • That file is neither dangerous nor essential. (neutral)
  • That file seems to be dangerous.
  • That file is spyware, trojan, adware or a virus.

For example explore information about these most discussed and popular files:


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