Use iPhone as a USB Drive

by on May 2nd, 2010

iphone explorer no jailbreak required

Copy, add, remove files from iPhone using windows explorer.

Use your iPhone/iTouch as a USB drive. No jailbreak required. Copy documents, photos, videos and any other file onto and off your favorite device straight through Windows Explorer. Why learn to use another new program when Explorer just does it better?

What happens when You have iPhone FileExplorer installed?

iphone explore - iphone as usb

  • iPhone FileExplorer sits quietly in your system tray and waits for an iPhone or iTouch to be connected.
  • When a device is connected, a shortcut to your iPhone is created on the desktop.
  • A Windows Explorer window will pop up, showing all the files and folders on your iPhone.
  • You can copy/add/remove any files or folders you like, straight through Windows Explorer.

explore iphone via windows explorer

The iPhone FileExplorer Console can be accessed from the system tray icon. It shows the currently connected iPhone and allows you to change its behavior to suit you. To give your iPhone a personal name that will be used for the desktop icon and Console, right-click on the iPhone and select ‘Rename’. That’s it.

Size: 619 KB

Download iPhone Explorer

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