Transfer IPA Files (iPhone Apps) from PC to Installous and Installous to PC

by on May 3rd, 2012

Transfer downloaded iPA files from installous to PC (downloaded apps backup) or from PC to installous downloads folder using iFile.

Download iFile from Cydia

Install iFile and browse installous downloads folder as described below in screenshots.

1 home ifile installous downloads pc 7 500x750

2 ifile installous downloads pc 6 500x750

3 ifile installous downloads pc 5 500x750

4 documents ifile installous downloads pc 4 500x750

5 installous folder ifile installous downloads pc 3 500x750

6 installous downloads ifile installous downloads pc 2 500x750

In this above screen hit wifi icon and iFile web server will be enabled.

7 ifile wifi connect installous downloads pc 1 500x750

ifile installous downloads pc 8 500x750

Path to Downloads in Installous

iPhone and computer must be on the same WiFi. After wifi web server is enabled, open internet browser and copy paste the following address in computer internet browser to open downloaded files in installous.

ifile installous iphone

Use upload file form there to upload files from PC to installous downloads directory and download files from there to PC by saving files or by clicking them to download them via download manager.

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  1. lmtdr says:

    Pregnancy app. Well that should be useful

  2. AltCoN says:

    i haven’t tried to transfer anything onto my iPhone for years now because i always found it to be a somewhat difficult process but your article described how to use ifile in a simple and user friendly way … thank you