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by on June 25th, 2013

iPhone iOS7

Apple OS has proved to be the best operating system for computer and smart phone. After using iOS on iDevices, users tend to stick to it. iOS is functional, addicting, simple, beautiful and it just works. Now Apple has updated iOS and has taken it to a whole new level of innovation, design and functionality. iOS7 is about to launch and is coming this fall. Its an OS with entirely different perspective, best fit for modern smart phone and tablets by Apple. For Apple, design is more than just a way something looks. Design is whole thing, the way it works at many different levels. New iOS7 design is clear, simple and more efficient. Typography has changed, icons have been redesigned and a whole new set of colors has been incorporated in iOS7. iOS7 has distinct functional layers that establish a hierarchy and order in elements. Watch the new iOS7 official intro video.

iOS 7 Intro

Full iOS 7 Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote

We believe that this new iOS7 will be a great energy saver OS and battery life of your device will increase.

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