Download iOS 6 For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch – Direct Links

by on October 1st, 2012

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users waited for Apple iOS 6 for so long, because it was said to be a major release of iOS. Apple has released iOS 6 for iDevices that brings 200 new features. The iPhone 5, however, comes with pre-loaded iOS 6, so you do not need to worry about updating your iPhone 5. iPhone 4S will reflect almost same features of iOS 6 as in iPhone 5 but to fully enjoy all the iOS 6 awesomeness, you will need iPhone 5 (hardware upgrade). iPad Mini which is set to arrive next month at a groundbreaking price will also be running iOS 6. Download iOS from the direct links provided below.

The iOS 6 is a fresh experience of Apple’s amazing operating system. There are new entries in iOS 6 as well as notable enhancements in many apps and their settings.

iOS 6 Features


Passbook allows vouchers and tickets to be stored, utilized and updated digitally. There’s no NFC in the new iPhone, but you’ll be able to use your screen as a scannable gift card/plane ticket/voucher/etc.

Vector Maps

Apple teamed up with C3 Technologies to offer stunning 3D iOS maps that also include turn-by-turn navigation similar to GPS system in your car. Vector based maps load faster than bitmap maps. Famous locations in Maps include cards that give you all you need to know about those locations. If it’s a restaurant, it will show you reviews and ratings, along with its photographs. Siri is also interestingly integrated with iOS maps. Ask for directions with your voice, and it will guide you while driving. If you ask Siri something like “Are we there yet?”, it will answer you with the estimated time of arrival and tell you to shut up.

FaceTime Over Wifi and Cellular

FaceTime support over cellular data or wifi and improved iMessages are great features. If you can receive your phone signals, you can use facetime. That means face to face call with friends and family over cellular data or WiFi.

Better Internet Surfing

The internet surfing experience has also improved. Its better, faster and smoother. Even videos load faster than before. A new feature called iCloud Tab keeps track of your current browsing history. If you are browsing at any iDevice but shuts it down then the opened pages will be available for you on another iDevice to pick up from where you left on the other device. Safari can also save the full web pages now for reading later or offline access.

Facebook Integration

You can now link your Facebook account with your iOS 6. Directly post photos from your photo album to Facebook, update your status from the notification center, and sync your contact list with any person’s corresponding Facebook account.

Panoramic Images

There are apps to capture panoramic images but now it’s a built-in feature with your iPhone’s camera—240 degrees wide shooting, which meld images together automatically to create a wide single image.

Better Siri

Siri has improved. Siri provides sports scores, movie times, restaurant ratings via Yelp and can help you book a table reservation.

Improved Privacy Settings

In iOS 6 there is a list in settings of all the apps that have requested access to your location, contacts, calendars, reminders, and photos. You can turn on or off access, or set a ‘Do Not Disturb’ filter to keep your phone from ringing from all but the most important calls.

Better Sharing Options

Share photos or text via email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS easily. The sharing menu now offers more in a neat manner.

Ignore callers and Send Apology Message Immediately

Want to ignore someone from calling you? You can reject incoming call with a friendly built-in or pre-programmed message to attend caller back later. How about “hey sorry, I’m busy, I am calling you back after few minutes” excuse text while simultaneously rejecting the call, instead of only rejecting the call. Swipe up at incoming call, choose your excuse, and with a couple taps ignore that annoying call.

Shared Photo Streams

Selectively share photos with others. To do that, select photos, tap the Share button, choose the people with whom you want to share these photos and that’s it. If your friends and family are using Photos app or iPhoto, they will get the shared photos instantly in the apps. If not they can see them on web.

All in all Apple has described that there are 200 new features in iOS 6.

Download iOS 6 for your iDevice